The Flash (S04E18) "Lose Yourself"

Okay this episode was literally like what the hell just happened? Seriously, we had so many moments of what the hell happen in this episode! Yes it was a great episode, but we lost way too many in this episode too which makes me sad. And we also get a little closer to Devoe/The Thinker (Neil Sandilands) master plan of creating the elightenment.

So with this episode Team Flash chose to do a very risky move by trying to go into Devoe’s pocket dimension with the help of The Folding Man (Arturo del Puerto). But as things always go, they go sideways. It’s because of these actions that the team played right into Devoe’s hands and gave him everything he wanted the three bus metas. Yes people Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) is dead and he’s now the host of Devoe’s newest body and it’s because of Ralph’s ability to shape-shift, Devoe is able to look like his old self again.

Now I’ll say this, I never really liked Ralph, I felt like he was trying to replace Cisco (Carlos Valdes) by being the funny one of the group. But when I did feel bad for the guy always wanting to try to protect the new found family that he was brought into late in game to fight the evil super villain. Only to have that fate happen to him, I always felt like it would happen to Ralph but I also wondered if Devoe was really going to just kill Ralph and not take his body but I was wrong. And now all of team Flash, including Barry (Grant Gustin) feels bad about not being able to protect Ralph like how they all promised they would do. A promise means nothing in the world of Team Flash, thats what this episode showed.

Also, seeing Harry (Tom Cavanagh) have a serious addiction issue with the Thinking Cap was literally hard for me to see. Cause we all love Harry, and to see him like as an addict is hard for any fan cause we are all used to seeing Harry as the smart guy who can solve anything with just his own smarts and not with a tool to help him. But seeing him trying to infuse the special formula dark matter into the fake thinking cap forced Harry not to get smart but to become more dysfunctional that we saw in the aftermath of him trying it.

In this episode we also lost Null (Bethany Brown) and The Folding Man; now as for Null I really didn’t like her. I really found her to be just an annoying villain that now gave Devoe extra power of gravitational forces, that dick! But now we don’t have to worry about those villains lurking around cause their dead! The only bus meta remaining is Fallout!

But now that we see that Devoe has the special made dark matter that Harry created we have to wonder what is the enlightenment? My theory is that the enlightenment is going to be some kind of machine to use the dark matter to enlighten central city with some kind of meta-human creating machine that will force all in central city to become metas.

Next Episode: The Flash(S04E19): “Fury Rogue” airs Tuesday April 24, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW