Bull (S02E20) "Justified"

Immediately,  I knew there was some violent act against this woman taking a shower then packing. She’s going to the airport.  #Deepcuts #bruises 

She appeared to be in a hurry. She’s notified her car is 17 minutes away. But it’s still not close enough.  She hears a noise and stashes her bag.

“Where you going ?” Her husband, Brian (Zachary Spicer) returns home. He played hooky from school today.  He finds the bag and starts in on her.

The car calls.  They’re outside.  He cancels it #ofcourse. Kate Martin (Sonya Harum) ain’t going anywhere today! He throws her phone, smashing it.

He starts to destroy; throwing things at her and scolding. He calls her stupid for apologizing, with her southern accent “I’m sorry, so -so sorry” He pushes her down on the bed.   “It doesn’t matter where you go; I’m going to find you!” He takes off his shirt, loosens his belt.  I thought he was going to whip her, but we hear a zipper open. He tears off her clothes. She’s a still. #sexual-assault #rape

Later that night, together in bed; Brian is sleeping. Kate gets out, gets a gun and goes back to bed. Gunshot! 🔫 Bang! She goes back to sleep, next to him He bleeds out #crickets #chirping. #Damn! 

Marion Grint  (April Yvette Thompson) comes to see Bull. She’s calling in a favor. Kate Martin is in jail. She shot her husband, in the back, while he was asleep.  Murder One!

It’s a hard case. Brian was a popular teacher @ Hudson, like “Everybody loves Raymond” Yet Kate is beaten up so badly she’s hospitalized. Broken ribs, punctured lung, cuts and bruises everywhere; temporarily in a wheelchair. 😔 And she is pregnant! #9weeks. That’ s the “why she did it now” and not before. #means #motive #opportunity  Bull takes the case.  It’s personal. 

We learn Bull’s sister was beaten to death….by her husband. Marion tried yo help her. Bull wants to do First Degree; all or nothing. He fires the Public Defender. He’ s over his head. He calls Benny. My man! 

Meanwhile, back at the University; Professor Jameson (Chip Zien)  fails Palmer Chunk. Who didn’t see that coming?! Jameson feels good about it. “Good day, Mr Palmer” He’s dismissed and Jameson is an a****** (this particular word censored always cracks me up.) Never the less, I cannot wait til the day, the Prof needs TAC to defend him on something he did not do! Oh yeah, you know it’s coming! #karma
Bull  meets with Kate. She’s finally awake. *sigh  Then he meets with ADA Amy Lake. (Jenna Stern) It’s battered wife syndrome. Simple.  
But Amy ain’t buying it. She spends her life putting away abusers. She hints Brian could have been the abused!  WHAT?! She walks away before Bull could respond  #snap

In court, Lake declares…They both were abusers and cheated in the marriage.  A cop, Officer Levy (Rodger Wayne) called on one the scenes says, Martin inquired on a restraining order…against Kate! It was a preemptive strike by Brian. TAC count 11-1 red. They’re in trouble

Story by,  Chamblee Smith and with Dennis Smith Director. It’s like The Smith cough drops, they did a very good job here. Even moments of “pass the tissue” for me.  

Incredibly sad, yet mild on the melodrama & straight shooting; “just the facts, ma’m” ‘Keeping the guilt, shame & blame in domestic violence simple enough for all to understand. #mentalillness  #abused and #abuser

Oh and the verdict was hard and close, but…”Not Guilty”  it was “all or nothing!”

Bull airs Tuesday’s @ 9:00  p.m Pacific Time on CBS 👁