Legion (S02E03) "Chapter 11"

The descent into madness is a constant theme in this show. The lines are continuously blurred between what is real and what is not, resulting in a great piece of television. When the threat escapes, causing the infection of countless Division 3 members, including some of the key players, only David (Dan Stevens) has the power to release them from their inner maze and bring them back to reality.

After briefly connecting with Farouk (Navid Negahban) and the unhinged Lenny (Aubrey Plaza), the future seems more muddled that it ever has. The contradictions run rampant, and David is left to make decisions that will impact future for every human being left on the earth. Go down the path of destruction? Or lose the one he loves the most? It’s unclear which road to take, but David would do anything for Syd (Rachel Keller), past, present and future versions of her.

Awakening to the quiet, David must fight not only for his own salvation, but for those he cares for. Cary is there for added support, somehow avoiding “The Chattering”. Each person seems to be trapped in their own ideal reality, of things they have always hoped to have. In Ptonomy’s (Jeremie Harris) case it was interesting to see a world where he forgets everything, instead of remembering it all. David has the power to wake them up, but it seems to be a race against the clock.

It’s interesting to see the disconnect between Cary (Bill Irwin) and Kerry (Amber Midthunder), and how much both are struggling with it. There are so many experiences that Kerry hasn’t been through on her own, things that the normal person would take for granted. She is like a child going through the wonders of life for the first time, and when she becomes a victim to the mysterious illness, it breaks Cary in two, or rather causes him to meld into Kerry.

David is being plagued with flashes from future Syd, she is sending him a warning. “Hurry” is the defining message that comes through, but it can mean a plethora of things. They are no closer now to knowing where Farouk’s body is buried, even when the monk and David connect minds.

We get a glimpse into the unraveling of the monk’s after bringing Farouk’s body into their sacred grounds. What lies beneath refuses to sleep, plaguing the monk’s with a constant noise that cannot be ignored. Death and madness plague them, but it’s all part of Farouk’s end game. They need the weapon, they need David to put an end to it.

Right or wrong. Left or right. Backwards of forwards. It all seems to end in someone elses demise, either the end of days or the end of the one person David loves the most. With so much at stake, and no answer from where the body of Farouk is buried, thanks to the untimely demise of the monk. They are at a stand still once more.

Where the road will take them? That is anyones guess right now. Especially with David being focused on Syd, who has been taken by the illness as well. He will not stop until everything is right with the world again.

Will it ever be normal? I don’t think that’s in the cards, but the fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

Beware of ominous cows.

The next episode of Legion airs on Tuesday April 24 on AMC at 10/9c.

Photo: Google/IMDB