NCISNOLA (S04E20) "Powder Keg"

… or now that you’re gone Percy, let me introduce Sydney Halliday, (Riann Steele) kick ass Green Beret, we’ve been expecting since the ‘Welcome to The Jungle” (S04E18) episode. The episode that brought to reality, the upcoming loss of Percy 😢 Now, I ain’t mad at ya’ but first Brody, now Percy? I miss them both. *sigh Never the less  …

At the Tru’Tone, Pride’s club (such a cool name) Pride…tonight we’ll call him, “DMan” is cleaning tablets & singing along and #bouncing to the music of the live band. Outside is a high-speed car chase. A very fast car pursued by very fast cop cars. Sirens are wailing.
Back in da’club, Sydney Halliday, in her civvies, comes in for a drink. She is officially now, “just Sydney” no longer a Sergeant in the Green Berets. Pride buys her a drink.

The car chase ends, when Curtis (Pierre Jean Gonzalez) Boomer (Slate Holmgren) and Red, (Nicolas Logan)  storm da’club, yelling at every one, “shut up, hands up, wallets and phones, on the table!”  

The cops outside, surround the building. helicopters overhead. Curtis introduces himself to Dwayne, while pointing a gun in his face; cause Dwayne is who he came to see!

Detective Franklin is dead. Curtis, is accused of killing him and he’s on the run. He’s claiming innocence and a set up #framed
Curtis is a NOPD,  C.I. (criminal informant) Franklin was his handler. Someone framed him for his murder. Why?!

Word on the street is Pride is a stand up kinda’ guy, willing to help the under dog.  Curtis is an underdog with a target on his back. #help
I must say, it took me several rewinds to get a handle on this episode. The heavy, sweaty, rapid breathing & the more faster than usual fast pace, made the dialog exchanges difficult to understand #garbled #inaudible And it didn’t help that Curtis & Boomer looked so much alike, physically…it was hard to determine who was who?!  

Never the less after the 4th try, 5 with the original airing…”Eureka!” I got it.

And it was a very good episode. It had the very best of twists, turns, plots & plots within plots. It has the suspense & intrigue that made the “Clearwater Saga” must see.

Actually this looks like a continuing season, serial or a Book II  of Clearwater. “Politics in The Big Easy” ‘Cause the  bottom line here is political corruption & assassination. (attempts x2 already this season)  It’s complete with a dirty cop’s attempt to keep all party’s involved “off camera!” by any means necessary. #murder  

However, there was never any doubt, Capt Steven Davis (Andrew Stewart-Jones) was the crooked cop. When he grabbed, pushed & threatened LaSalle for tryna to assist …#obvious 

The gist of the case, lies in an assassination attempt on a Mayoral candidate (S04E14) “A New Dawn”  and the murder attempt, that caused a State Attorney General to have a near fatal car “accident” (unseen) in this episode. Both are fighting organized crime & corruption in N’Awlins

Captain Estes, (Matt Servitto) NOPD and Pride are cautious, for they know, where there is plenty of smoke, call fire!🔥 

I’ve always liked the way, NCIS N’Awlins has an unannounced season theme, that builds in various episodes, until it’s abundantly clear…“whas’up”  This appears to be what’s happening now. I like it!

NCIS New Orleans airs, Tuesday’s @ 10:00 p.m Pacific Time on CBS 👁