Real Housewives of New York (S10E03) "Til Brunch Do Us Part"

The women head to the Hamptons for the weekend, and as we all know, chaos always ensues in the Hamptons.
In true Sonja style, she walks 2 blocks from her town house to the Jitney, which she takes to the Hamptons, where she has a friend pick her up in her Ford Pickup Truck while Sonja describes this method of transportation as relaxing and high class as only Sonja can.

The girls gather for Bethenny’s birthday dinner, and per usual, the fireworks are at the dinner table, not outside. During the car ride up, Dorinda, Tinsley, and Carole start talking about Sonja. Carole brings up all the things Sonja’s said about them, whether it’s calling Tinsley a whore who has her boyfriend paying for her life, Dorinda fat, Carole riles the girls up and the resentments spill out at the dinner table. LuAnn asks what’s going on and Dorinda fills Luann in.

Luann congratulates Carole on finishing the marathon, which was really an incredible feat, considering (according to her) Carole had never worked out a day in her life before this year. Sonja, oblivious to the fact she’d been topic of conversation a few minutes ago, complains to Carole that she didn’t reply back to Sonja’s long, gushing email correctly. Thus, we have textgate, because Bethenny starts as well saying Carole never replied to her either. As Carole herself put it in a tweet during the show: “These bitches just can never be happy for me.” The night ends with Luann admitting that Bethenny was right, that she never should’ve married Tom. According to her, she’s over Tom, and doesn’t want him brought up again. She then sings “Happy Birthday” (without auto tunes, the horror) to Bethenny, ending the night.

Sonja, Ramona, Dorinda, and a friend of Luann’s meet at Luann’s for brunch the next day, while Carole, Bethenny, and Tinsley meet at a restaurant. They each rehash what happened at Bethenny’s dinner party, with very different results.
Bethenny starts to notice and comment on the fact that Carole and Tinsley now seem to be bffs, and hardly notice when she arrives, which pisses her off. I think Bethenny’s so used to being the center of attention, she doesn’t know what to do when she isn’t.

Sonja starts talking about herself, per usual, which ticks Dorinda off. Sonja starts making little comments like, “I can eat anything and not gain weight, I’m just juicing to get rid of the antidepressant, my kid’s got me all stressed out about her SATS, getting into college,” etc.  which really sends Dorinda over the edge. However, it was a statement she made about Ramona blowing Mario, the contractor, off, then stating all the guys who were in her life are still in her life.  (BTW, who would want a whole gaggle of ex’s following you around everywhere?  No wonder Sonja’s so exhausted all the time).  The table seemed to have come to a consensus of agreeing to be in the moment and respecting each other’s feelings, Here’s what happened next:

I’ve never seen fans so divided since Erika Jayne yelled at Teddi over “Pretend Amnesia” this season of RHOBH.  So I want to know, who’s side are you on?  Let me know in the comments and let’s discuss.