UnREAL (S03E08) “Recurrent”

Oh man, what a heavy episode. It starts off rocky with Rachel losing control, unable to contain her anger at her mother. Olive is certainly up to her old ways by way of controlling Asa, thwarting all of the hard work Rachel had put into helping him. It looked like there was some hope for happiness but now it’s unlikely. I don’t blame Asa for going back to her, as at this point he probably has some form of Stockholm Syndrome. I do however feel deeply for Rachel, having sacrificed almost everything for nothing. This story arc reverberated with the theme of this episodes title, and it wasn’t the only one.

The date of the week for the contestants of ‘Everlasting’ was a walk down memory lane, featuring photos from their social media before they entered the mansion. It goes smoothly at first; Jasper being the obvious playboy and an appearance from Alexi’s previously mentioned ex. Soon it’s Serena’s turn and we finally see who broke her heart in the past, George. This prompts an emotion-filled moment between her and the bachelors, assuaging her insecurities about being there. Unfortunately, the feeling doesn’t last long. With Quinn being away from the set, Madison, at the misunderstood behest of Chet, decides to bring George to the set without vetting him. She instructs him to interrupt the moment Serena is having with the men, and well, he goes above and beyond. George paints our suitress to be an unstable stalker who was just a fling. The whole ordeal understandably shakes her, as all of the men look at her with confusion. Thankfully Quinn returns just in time to save the day the best she can. Rachel and Quinn give Serena the strong woman pep talk of the year, assuring her that George isn’t worth being upset over. The steely queen of business seemed to take the talk positively, but we can be sure that its effects will reverberate through the last two episodes of the season.

Also in this episode poor Jay got his cuomupins for cheating on his amazing ex. He truly thought he was developing a relationship with Alexi, but the reality was the complete opposite. Jay set up a sweet little date for them to live out his ‘Everlasting’ fantasy and it does not go well. Alexi quickly informs him that they only have an arrangement for drugs. Needless to say Jay should have seen this coming. He does get his revenge by getting Alexi eliminated, but I have a feeling he is going to be left with an unwanted parting gift.

Last of all I gotta talk about our BOSS lady Quinn. This woman is a powerhouse in every sense of the term. She is overflowing with passion, drive, and intellect. She is the epitome of a Slytherin if I’ve ever seen one, let’s be real. She takes no attitude and gives no quarter to those who cross her. While she does take things too far it’s hard not to admire her intense tenacity. Her building that mansion for herself? Boss. Taking Gary down even though he keeps fighting? Boss. Quinn is easily one of the best characters out there on any tv program.