Chicago Med (S03E16) "An Inconvenient Truth"

A simple surgical procedure goes wrong, a mother goes against the doctor’s advice on her child, while one doctor deals with her father’s illness while another learns the meaning of “a break.”

Let’s be honest, the Rhodes-Bekker relationship might not be quite as popular with the viewers, but it’s been one hell of a story arc with balancing their feelings with one another with their work. When Bekker and Rhodes performed a surgical procedure that’s should be so common, turns out that someone left an instrument in the patient’s heart. When learning that it was Bekker the one that left it in there, as soon as it was almost over she let Rhodes finish it. It lead the two in another heated conversation but ends up when confronting to Latham, Rhodes took the blame for it, but in this case he’ll keep an eye on both of them for the upcoming surgical separation of the twins.

Goodwin deals with a hard situation when her godson comes in with severe burns along with his friend. Thinking that it was his friend, who had a trouble past, turns out that it was her godson that was the one that started it and tested positive for drugs. It lead Goodwin to confront him to tell the truth, which lead to his mother upset and maybe pulling their funding from the hospital.

Natalie and Charles deals with a child, who’s looks like a girl on the outside but a boy on the inside. When the mother learns of her daughter’s condition, she wants them to take her testicles out, because she wants her little girl to be a girl. It puts Charles and Natalie in a tough situation which leads them to the hospital committee to make the decision, which went to the mother. But when the child was suffering severe pain and had to go to the OR, which gets her mother to change her mind and not to take all of the testicles out.

Reese deals with her father as he comes in with heart failure. Rhodes and everyone tries to comfort about her father, for which she doesn’t want anyone to do. She goes by her work but also watches a patient, who’s on his deathbed to have his son come, but instead he didn’t when he said he did. April and Noah comfort him on his last minutes, even the patient thought that Noah was his son, which was one of the heartwarming moments of the episode. In the end, Reese does go up to see her father but only to see and walk by his room, without going in.

After taking care of Goodwin’s godchild, Halstead tries to be there for Natalie when she’s dealing with her patient. As he lend his ear to her, she asked him out for dinner, but after saying yes Will decides if he should tell her about his one night with another woman. As soon as he meets with Natalie, he tells her about that night with another doctor and that he didn’t understand what “a break” is. She’s shock and tells him that “a break” doesn’t mean being with other people and quickly she leaves.

“An Inconvenient Truth” was another strong episode dealing with some strong storylines from Rhodes and Bekker to even Natalie and Dr. Charles and Reese, who’s trying to figure out if she should see her dad or not. I think that in the next episode, she will see her father. I could understand why she doesn’t want to see him after what he had done to her. I wonder if losing a donor for the hospital will cost  Goodwin her job? I don’t think it will. When all seem to go well for #Manstead, it turns bad once again, but hey at least Will told Natalie to truth about it. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of the episode? With only a couple of episodes to go, how do you see the season heading?

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