The Big Bang Theory (S11E21) “The Comet Polarization”

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We pose this question, if Neil Gaiman (playing himself) ever walked in a comic book store, would you even know he was there? All it took was one tweet from the man himself. Neil sent a tweet of high praise into the twitterverse, informing his masses that he thought of Stuart’s (Kevin Sussman) comic shop. AND, Boom just like that, the throngs of fans were at the ‘Comic Center’.

I have not been watching the show long. I didn’t know Stuart owned a comic book shop. Especially named “Comic Center”? How about “Stuart’s Comics”? Or “Stu’s Steals and Deals”? I don’t know something a little catchier, right? The takeaway from all of this: The guys were too busy arguing to notice Gaiman was there! They were arguing about which metal is the most powerful. Which Gaiman tries to interject “Thor’s hammer was made of “Uru”. Which is a powerful argument to refute. Yet, Sheldon, (Jim Parsons) Howard, (Simon Helberg) Leonard, (Johnny Galecki) Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Stuart (Kevin Sussman) are being so self-absorbed in the argument to notice one of their heroes standing in plain sight. The most ironic part: the guys were standing next to Neil Gaiman the entire time. How was it possible that not one of them not recognize him? The most tell-tale sign was Gaiman was standing next to an Easter egg. Which is a total throwback to his “Sandman” comic books, hello?

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Funny thing is Sheldon is trying to cope with all the changes going on around him. The masses of people. The strangers sitting next to him. Stuart selling out a book. The icing on the cake, when Stuart hires a female assistant named Denise. What in fresh hell! He starts with the “Black Panther” movie analogies. (As I chuckle with laughter). Sheldon compares the “Comic Center” to the island of “Wakanda” from “Black Panther”. (I kid you not!) “The world isn’t open to anyone. It’s a hidden gem.” (Snorts and Snickers!) I was totally fine with this comic-book analogy. Denise (Lauren Lapkus) seemed like a capable lady to work at the “Comic Center”. At least Howard agrees with us. Howard talks Sheldon into having a real and honest talk with Denise.

Denise sizes Sheldon up just by looking at him basically. He becomes a fan instantly, which totally annoys Amy. (Mayim Bialik) We then see Amy head straight into the “Comic Center” thinking she is going to go head-to-head with Denise… Nope, she asks her to teach her everything she knows about comics! (Wakanda Women Power Unite.) Seriously, I loved seeing two women fangirling out together over love their of comics. (You only understand this if you are a female who shares this addiction.) If Amy only were to turn around Neil Gaiman is standing right there!!!

Raj (Kunal Nayyar) discovered a comet. Or is it Penny (Kaley Cuoco) who discovered a comet? They have started quite a debate over who discovered the comet. Frankly, who exactly discovered it.  Raj did position the telescope, looking for Mercury. Yes, Penny did looks through the lens and sees something fuzzy. It turned out to be, it was a comet.

The celebration is cut short when Raj tells Penny that he put his name only the registration form. Penny is steaming mad! People think that just because she’s just another pretty face. She has no idea what she’s talking about. Honestly, who cares if this jeopardizes Raj’s career? Penny, is not having it! She will not stand him stealing her comet! Leonard (Jon Galecki) tries to straighten things out with Raj. You know that doesn’t work. So, he takes the opposite tactic and encourages Penny to fight her own battles. She doesn’t need Leonard to fight her battles. Penny’s got the “Eye of the Tiger”  (ala Katy Perry style) and if Raj knows what good for him. He will step back from this battle. Instead stepping inside the ring with Penny, Raj steps aside. He apologizes to Penny. Raj promises her name will be on the paperwork. Yeah, Raj you don’t want none of Penny’s “Eye of the Tiger” style fighting.

The Big Bang Theory (S11E21) ‘The Comet Polarization’ Laugh out Loud Moments:

  • “You’re wise and you smell like books. You really are the whole package.” Sheldon tells Penny. (I laugh and laugh.)
  • “Who are all these people? Is this a flash mob?” – Sheldon
  • “The Comic Center is like the country of Wakanda. It’s a hidden gem. If that world is opened to just anyone, it won’t be special anymore.” – Sheldon complaining to Amy (So he is using “Black Panther” references now! I love this.)

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