The Originals (S05E01) “Where You Left Your Heart”

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Welcome back. The final season is here. The first episode was written by Marguerite MacIntyre and Julie Plec. It was directed by Lance Anderson.

I’ll be honest, I was waiting so long for “The Originals” to come back that I was a bit hesitant to watch. First problem: the wait was way too long for the return. Second problem: they decided to do another time jump again? I question these motivations.  The family still can’t reunite. It’s tearing up my heart. Hope’s (Danielle Rose Russell) a teenager being rebellious as ever. You could say “A Rebel with a Klaus?” Third problem: I must agree with Michael Narducci. I’m not really a fan of crossovers.

Anyway, back to my review of premiere episode. The four remaining Mikaelsons siblings must stay apart because of the HOLLA. We all know this to ensure Hope’s safety from the HOLLA and now apparently the world. (It’s gotten that strong? rolling my eyes). I will never get over this ridiculous villain. Hope Mikaelson, the most powerful supernatural being EVER cannot defeat the HOLLA? I digress. Seven whole years there has been peace in NOLA. Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) and Davina (Danielle Campbell) are now married living there life somewhere. Beks (Claire Holt) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) are happily living in New York.

Freya (Riley Voelkel) and Keelin (Christina Moses) are so happy together. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) been in the exact place we saw him at the end of Season 4. Playing jazz music at a piano bar. Meanwhile, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has completely and utterly lost his mind.

We see Klaus telling some random guy “Step aside.” Then he proceeds to rip his heart out and eat it! You see Klaus cannot live without his brother. They’ve been together since “always and forever”. Klaus seeks comfort and solace from Elijah. Now, he is gone. It is killing him to have to stay away. Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) has apparently moved on with a FWB. (“Friend with Benefits”/Torrance Coombs). Although, you can never replace your one true flame. (Elijah and Hayley forever.) We will also learn Hope gets a twilight kind of romance with REJ. (Jedidiah Goodacre)

Britney: “I’m Toxic” The Klaus and Caroline story
Oh, wait. Caroline enters the scene by saying “Hello Love” and choking Klaus. That is not toxic, though! (DOUBLE STANDARDS, ANYONE?)

Caroline (Candice King) finds Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in what a predicament. He was on a killing spree, well he was finishing one up. Immediately, wanting to know why “Klaus cut communications off with Hope? Who could really use her father right now.” Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Candice King or Caroline. This is carbon copy dialogue of what our dearly departed Camille O’Connell (Leah Marie Pipes) would say to him. Klaus thinks that “Hope’s better off without him seeing as he was raised by a monster, Mikael. He doesn’t want that for Hope.” Yada. Yada, Yada.  Again, we hear Cami oops, I meant Caroline talking to Klaus, calling him out using the 1,000-year-old excuse for his bad behavior. Klaus also makes it a point to fill in Caroline in on why he is killing his way through Europe. Elijah has no idea who or what he is. Making him extremely vulnerable. He doesn’t know who his family is nor who his enemies are. So, to protect his big brother, Klaus is killing all their families’ enemies. One by one. Caroline thinks that idea is just crazy though. If you knew all the enemies the Mikaelsons have. Klaus’ enemies alone! We hear some more jibber jabbering. Then Caroline tells Klaus to focus on Hope instead of worrying about Elijah? Girlfriend, guess you forget about “Always and Forever”? That’s right you’re not a Mikaelson. Caroline offers some more advice. “Don’t worry about your father. See you at the next parent/teacher conference.”

Hope’s dilemmas
Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) selling her hybrid blood to any buyer with the right money? Brilliant idea? Maybe not. I’ll explain why. If her blood gets in the wrong hands. Let’s say some enemies. She will empower them to kill her entire family. (Foolish heart heed my warning…) The random guy’s name is Henry. This will end very badly. Is she trying to create a “Hybrid Army” like her father once did? They say the apples don’t fall from the tree. Second dilemma, Hope is so desperate to reunite her family at any or all costs. Is this the reason for siring a new werewolf line? Being that powerful comes with so many risks, littlest wolf.

Elijah gets an introduction?
I honestly didn’t know what to make of the lack thereof of Elijah. (Daniel Gillies) Regardless if he is in Manosque, France. The same place he wanted to go with Hayley. (Phoebe Tonkin). This was the first time ever that we had so little of the eldest original brother in a season premiere.  Yes, Elijah was compelled to lose his memories of his family and Hayley.  That plot hole was contrived, ridiculous and unjust. Did he really need all his memories erased? Yes, we know Elijah would never stay away from his family.  You could see by his interaction with Klaus how much suffering was being caused. Clearly, Klaus is broken from not being with his brother. The icing on the proverbial cake was when Beks (Claire Holt) went to visit. She was watching Elijah from afar, only to call Klaus to tell him. “How does he look?” – Klaus “Happy.” – Beks. We shed a tear for our missing original brother Elijah, return to us soon. It was truly heartbreaking to watch.

In the meantime.
Hayley has gone missing… This could be for interfering for “Saving Henry” the new hybrid from being killed? I would say so. Hearts are breaking tonight. Tough decisions are to be made. Marcel proposes to Beks. Family comes first. Marcel should have known better. She is headed back to NOLA. Marcel is not far behind her. He texts Josh “He is on his way back to the flat.” Kol and Davina are headed back home. It is in times of great troubles and crisis that they all come together and are stronger. “Family above all always and forever.” Klaus calls Hope on the phone. “Dad.” He was hesitant to answer at first. He wanted so badly to speak to his littlest wolf. “Hope, is your mother there?” – Klaus “She is missing.” – Hope “I’m on my way.”  – Klaus
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 The HOLLA’s back?!
Just when I thought I was out. They pull me back into this mess of a villain story. For those of you who don’t know me, you should read my finale review from season 4 on the HOLLA. I never liked this villain. I thought it was the weakest of all the ones written by the writers/TpTb from all the seasons. I love watching ‘The Originals’ S1-S3. My critique is usually not this harsh. I am very disappointed that they didn’t put this storyline to rest with the time jump. When Klaus (Joseph Morgan) was visiting Elijah (Daniel Gillies), you just knew something bad was going to happen because they alluded to it. One could also assume that Klaus made a few visits to see his brother. What happened? Flowers dying is never a good sign. Didn’t Vincent and Freya figure out a way to kill this thing? More so, because Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) was the one to bring it upon everyone. We also find out that Beks (Claire Holt) visits Elijah. She was in the restaurant watching from afar as he played at the piano. You know this isn’t good, right? Only to pan back to NOLA, we see a plague like existence taking form. It’s raining blood! That’s right you heard me, blood! All the while, we hear Vincent talking to himself about “Tipping Points”. What have you done!

The Originals’ (S05E01) Where You Left Your Heart Random Thoughts:

  • Who is the HOLLA this time? We’ve seen previews and one can assume. Thoughts? (I have some.)
  • Do you think the siring will backfire like it did with Klaus or be more successful with Hope? (I think the littlest wolf will have much success.)
  • Who is the HOLLA’s next victim? Any thoughts?
  • Welcome back to the OG family. You save Elijah and get your family back.

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