Chicago Fire (S06E19) "Where I Want To Be"

Here I am again, with a brand new review. Hope you are ready for this one.

Alright, let’s get this party started.
Firehouse 51’s first call of the day. Was a fire at a house, which is a Mexican Drug Cartel.
Casey takes the lead, and starts giving orders. Everyone enters the building, and starts searching for people.
They find a guy, and Kidd hears a women shouting from behind a closed door.
Stella keeps calling for Cordova’s backup. But he doesn’t reply. I really started to get irritated because of this.
I do like Cordova, but he can be annoying sometimes. Afterwards Squad 3 came to the rescue.

Severide and his team, saved the women togther with Kidd. Who bravely went inside the vault to save the women.

She’s such a strong women. She and Severide are perfect together. I have been saying this alot of times.

Well, the cute scene at the beginning were they made out. They look like the pre-married Casey and Dawson.

Alright, back to the call. Firehouse 51 finishes the task, and leave. Afterwards they get back to the firehouse.

I love to see all of them relaxing. Just taking a good break, through the day. Brett and Dawson for example.

Drinking coffee, while enjoying the sun. Kidd joining them, and then Brett says something about Severide’s Vegas wedding.

That got Kidd thinking about her relatonship with Kelly. A call saves the girls from Kidd’s questioning.

A murder scene is what they find. A car wih open doors, and dead people. Who all got shot, execution style.

The spanish word for thief, was written in grafitti on the car. They think someone stole their money.

Antonio Dawson, talks to Chief Bowden. They start talking about a possible thief. Awhile later, Antonio visits Casey.

He needs him to explain the whole fire incident. Where his man where and stuff. Meanwhile Gabby talked to the girl they saved from the vault.

She says that a guy, who’s 6ft3 and is big, shoved her inside the vault. Awhile later at Molly’s Matt asks Cordova if he stole the money.

To which Cordova get’s mad and leaves. Gabby saw everything, she get’s mad at Casey.

I really felt for Matt, and Kidd. They both are in relationships with people who hide a part of themselves.

Which is alright off course. But it’s hard, if you show your partner everything. While they keep a part of themselves hidden.

Odis keeps pushing himself to the limit. He wants to get back behind the wheel of truck 81. But he really needs to take it slow.

Afterwards when they found out that a random guy stole the money. He was the one who, shoved the women in the vault.

The guy hid behind a secret door. With the stolen money inside his pockets.

Severide and Casey both found this out. Caseu apologizes to Cordova, and tells him that he can stay at firehouse 51.

But Cordova thinks it’s best if he leaves. While Kidd moves out of Severide’s place. She moves in to the empty appartement of Herrmann.

At the end Kidd tells Severide, that she doesn’t want their relationship to change.

To which he says that he wants to be, where she is. I absolutely adore them. I hope Odis get’s his job back, as soon as possible.

Last but not least, firehouse 51’s messages and the way they support Odis. That’s what a true family is like.


Hope you enjoyed this review.

Stay tuned for the next episode.
Thanks for reading, fellow Chicago Fire fans.
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