Criminal Minds (S13E21) "Mixed Signals"

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Bookend Quotes

  • Luke Alvez: “Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Tara Lewis: “Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.” – Daphne Rose Kingma


If you thought Criminal Minds was losing its magic you were wrong. The season finale was a strong episode, full of twists and surprises and one cliffhanger that has us all praying for a renewal.

Before the season finale though, we had another strong episode with a few interesting things, such as one of those unsubs that make us feel conflicted and sad; more Tara and Luke moments, and a new kind of fear. Let’s talk about it
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First, the Unsub. Caleb is such a tragic character. He drills a hole in his victims’ skulls, always the same place, which sounds horrible, and well, it is quite terrifying. He has his reasons though, which are that kind of reasons that only make sense in the Unsub’s head. In this case, Caleb is tortured by a constant, invasive sound in his head called the Hum. The terrifying thing about the hum is that there several reports in the area of people complaining about the hum, but as you can not prove the existence of a sound inside your head, the hum is not recognized as a real thing, not even as a mental disease. Can you imagine something like that? This episode made me feel bad for so many people: the victims, their relatives, the deaf girl that was able to get away, the unsub’s wife, the unsub and Tara

It turns out that it was Caleb’s wife the one that started hearing the hum. The phenomenon drove her crazy to the point that she committed suicide by drilling a hole in her skull. Caleb, who couldn’t hear the hum at the beginning, found the body and in doing so he inherited the hum, like if it was some kind of virus. Afterwards, Caleb only had one goal in his life, to find the origin of the hum and destroy it. He thought each victim knew where the source was, and when neither of them knew what to answer, Caleb killed them.

By the time the team finds him, Caleb was at his last, absolutely desperate. Once again, Tara was able to get through him, although this time it was special as it was quite obvious that Tara had an emotional connection with the unsub. Aisha is able to transmit Tara feelings with one single look directed at the couple Tara saved, as if our heroine needed to see with her own eyes that all the vulnerability and pain was worth it, that she put her own mind and feelings in the line for a valid reason.
Later on, in one of my favorite scenes of the episode, she confesses to Lucke. And we had the third tragic story of the episode, another lost caused by mental illness, in this case, Tara’s marriage and the life she dreamed were lost because of her ex-husband drug addiction.

Overall, it was a good episode, but it wasn’t the main dish, this episode was a warm-up, a good one, but a supporting act nevertheless.

Hero of the week: no doubt here, Tara is our hero of the week. From the beginning, she was able to connect with the case and the unsub in a level than the rest of the team couldn’t. And also, she and Luke offered the comic release that the show needs from sometimes, as Luke and Tara’s friendship has become one of the best additions of the season.

Ratings: 8

Next, the Finale.
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