MacGyver (S02E21) "Wind + Water"

This week fans of MacGyver were given the great news that the show will continue for a third season. With rarely a dull moment of reprieve to be had with these off the wall storylines, it’s great to see that we will be seeing more of these beloved characters and the actors who portray them.

In this week’s episode, even a “vacation” to Puerto Rico will not deter trouble from following the fearless foursome. When aiding an old friend, Carlos (Diogo Morgado), by rebuilding his home which was ravished by Hurricane Maria, dramatics aren’t too far off. Even though the episode seems to have a “feel good” sense to it, we know better than to be lulled into a false sense of security.

In times of crisis, we also know that there are those who seem to have no moral compass of such a dire situation. When a group of robbers set their sights on 2 million dollars of a relief fund, things go south quickly, especially when Carlos is taken as a hostage. The bank where he works just so happens to be their target.

While there are other pressing matters on the other side of the world that need the teams attention, they can’t leave in good conscience while Carlos is in trouble. Luckily for them, Matty (Meredith Eaton) is able to work her own personal magic, buying them 8 hours in the process. They have worked under bigger time constraints before, even though the pressure is on, they seem to thrive in those conditions.

In a situations of dire need, MacGyver (Lucas Till) is the best person to be close by. Although there seems to be an endearing “co-dependency” between Jack (George Eads) and MacGyver, it becomes increasingly evident when they are separated. Thanks to MacGyver’s heroics, he is alone in a very dangerous situation.

Bank robbery gone wrong forces the culprits to take on hostages. It’s something none of them were prepared for, so it gives an edge to MacGyver (who is now on the inside) and the team who seem to always have time constraints propelling them forward. Not only are they desperate, but they are armed as well, leading to a possibly deady situation. Carlos learns the hard way what fighting back will get you. Good thing MacGyver’s ingenuity is able to aid his injured friend.

Riley (Tristin Mays), Jack and Bozer (Justin Hires) are running blind outside of the bank, and you can tell that they just want to go in there with guns blazing. Although the idea is one that is running through everyone’s minds, it’s not the smart one. They must team up with the local authorities (Thanks Matty!) and make sure no one else is injured. Patience is not their strong suit, especially for Jack. The right man for the job is already on the inside, and that’s all that matters. MacGyver will never stand down from a challenge.

When the tension feels like it’s never going to end a silver lining appears, in the guise of one of MacGyver’s many out of the box plans. There is some sort of comfort that no matter what the situation is, they will make it through. I feel as though we are building towards something bigger, where no one will be left unscathed. They have had so many successes, they are due for another traumatic event.

This episode ends like many other before it. Able to get out of a tricky situation without causing harm to others. Another job well done, and right on to the next one. It’s something we has come to depend on as a viewer, the team always pulls through. How long can they keep this up?

You can catch a new episode of MacGyver, Friday, April 27th on CBS at 8/7c.

On a side note, with the very real global catastrophes going on in the world, there are areas that are still recovering from natural disasters, and Puerto Rico is one of them. Aid is still needed and if you wanted to help in this situation the following site has all the information you need: United For Puerto Rico

Photo: Screen capture taken by author or review.