The Americans (S06E04) “Mr. and Mrs. Teacup”

We hear the conversation between Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Oleg (Costa Ronin) From the meeting that ended last weeks episode. I wasn’t sure if Philip would actually give out the information he has gotten from Elizabeth (Keri Russell), but after hearing what Oleg had to say… he spilled. Oleg thinks that peace can be made with the Americans. He also mentioned that he may have some unwanted attention so they can no longer meet in person.

Elizabeth breaks into the warehouse where the sensors are kept with the info from the (now dead) employee from last episode. In the process she kills more people (I believe I counted 4) and still didn’t get a sensor. Later at home she is discussing the job with Paige (Holly Taylor) when Philip walks in. He isn’t happy that it’s “business as usual” so soon after Paige saw the bloody scene from the General’s death and he says as much.

Paige goes out with a new guy who just happens to work as an intern for a congressman on the armed services committee. Elizabeth warned her that she isn’t ready for a mark yet, to go out with him if she chooses, but not for business and pleasure. After she goes to bed with him, she stares at his work badge…. looks like she is not going to take her mother’s advice on this one.
Elizabeth meets with Claudia (Margo Martindale) and tells Elizabeth that they have been made aware of a defector. Claudia says that this defector needs to be “dealt with”.  This certain defector just happens to be in the hands of the one and only Agent Stan Beeman aka FBI Agent/neighbor to the Jennings.

Philip and Elizabeth had a moment of affection, but when Philip asks how she is, she says that she’s tired all of the time and turns over. Guess Philip needs to use other tactics to get more info from Elizabeth…. the physical thing isn’t going to work anymore.