A.P. Bio (S01E11) "Eight Pigs and a Rat"

From Principal Durban trying to show how innervating the school can be to figuring out who squealed about Jack’s plan for biology class. It all relays on one student to get through this nightmare.

When Principal Durban is a finalist for the innervating principal of the year award for his school, he gets his teachers to find something innervating so they can do with students and show the superintendent as well. But it turns out that all the teachers were doing the same thing in different subjects all with a volcano.

With everything not going the way he wanted it, it all relays on Jack and his class. But for Jack, he’s dealing with a snitch who told about what he did with the baby pigs for their class experiment. As Jack torched the class to his ability, he finally got the answer from Heather, but when he called his buddy, who had them and was about to shoot them at Devin’s place: turns out they exploded in the canon.

But when Heather learns about the baby pigs are gone, she throws a fit and tries to trash his car. She explains that she was looking forward to the experiment and working with Dan, who she has a crush on. The next day, just as Jack brings a dead squirrel, apparently Heather brings a full grown dead pig to class for the experiment.

When Durban and the rest come to watch, Heather takes over with some amazing set of skills, as she works at her dad’s butcher’s shop. But Sarika calls upon Jack to talk about one of the pigs organs, for which he calls her bluff and teaches as he really knew biology.

With the superintendent happy, Durban happy with some pork loins, Jack thrilled too but rewards Heather for what she pulled off by cleaning up the room with Dan.

“Eight Pigs and a Rat” was a hilarious episode from start to finish. The cast puts a good performance with character development. From Howerton, Brielle, Oswalt, but mainly Arm puts on her funniest performance of the season so far. Whether it’s the teachers pulling the same teaching, volcanoes to Jack torching his students on who sent a message to Durban about given away the pigs away. Probably one of my favorite episodes so far. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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