Imposters (S02E03) "Old Unresolved Shit"

Life is one big chess move. But when you’re a con artist the board can actually fight back. We left our favorite imposters in Mexico, where life is good. At least for Ezra: he is in enjoying himself. But all of that is about to change.

You see, the past has a way of catching up to us that we don’t even see it coming. Season one was the past catching up to Maddie for hurting three people. That chess move (the move that affected the life of Ezra, Richard, and Jules) had one big consequence for her. Now, she is trying to find truth in all the fakeness that’s her life. But the board will again fight back.

In season two, the not-so-far-past of stealing a ring (one hell of a big move) will make the board want revenge. And let me be straight taking down that queen won’t be easy. The guys, and Jules, already had planned to return to the U.S. but what they don’t know is that the check would come faster than they expected, forcing them to probably enter the States illegally.

But the chess board has a lot of moves that are very hard to predict if one is enjoying Mexico or trying to find the real you. The moves that are plotting against Maddie will arrive in different directions and I wonder if she’s even going to be the Maddie we know to try and get herself out.

So, it is time for our friends to think strategically; to remember that it’s not an easy terrain and that each move counts. Let’s hope they are all good at chess.