Champions (S01E06) "Grandma Dearest"

When Michael ask Vince about his grandmother for school, but what Michael doesn’t know is that Vince’s mother hasn’t have a clue that he exist yet.

As Michael tries to get Vince to introduce him to his grandmother. But in exchange to see Vince’s mother, Michael helps Vince with his gym’s website.

It takes the whole episode to understand that Vince and Matthew’s mother isn’t the right person to have a relationship. When they get ready for her visit, she shows up a no show but her husband comes and tells them her excuse. When Michael sees that he understands and decides that it’s up to her to see him instead of him.

Meanwhile, when updating the Champions website, Michael recruits one of the gym members to be part of a website video of her journey. But when they get things ready, their recruit becomes a no show thanks to Ruby going on a date with her and abandoning her. It all became good thanks to the rest of the gm crew getting their recruit back and filming the video but also added to it with her asking Ruby for her hand in marriage.

“Grandma Dearest” was another hilarious and strong written episode I’ve enjoyed this episode a lot. The cast was amazing once again. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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