Family Guy (S16E16) "Through the Years"

Tis America’s favorite dysfunctional family, going through the decades; “remembering when” & “back in the day” Much is in black & white, because everything old & worth remembering is better in black & white, right, right?! Time period 60 years!⏳

Peter is hosting from the museum of Television Arts & Radio. He’s out of his green pants & in a suit. Nice.  

1956: In the midst of a nucleur attack, Chris asks about sex, the family wants a TV to watch Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan “shoe” & Lois wants to get a job. Peter says, “no” to the job. He needs his underwear starched & threatens to punch her so hard, she’ll fly “to the moon” #honeymooners. Glad it’s over; tough decade. #archaic  And what’s a knuckle dunk? Peter also started a legacy of telly binge watching. #familytradition

1969: Tis a parody of The Partridge Family & The Archies, as performed by “The Griffins”
Chris is going to Woodstock to get high. #smoking  Peter goes to get him in a gas guzzler 🚖 ⛽ There, we find getting high is a family tradition, by any means necessary…breakfast, lunch, dinner #snacks & #generations of drunks on Peter’s side. Surprised? …Not! 
And Not his real name, child predator “Herbert” moves into the neighborhood and introduces himself to the family.  Then, “Mike Brady” not his real name, follows shortly thereafter. uh?! #robertreed #sethcarpet #thebradybunch Pops!

1973: Quaghog is a ghost town. Stewie vaccums…”like a girl” Peter wants him to man up like Bruce Jenner. Then gives him a box of Wheaties. He also demands Chris enlist in the military, like Quagmire, who’s been in service to his country forever! They spit on him when he returns. It’s Vietnam. 😕😔

The boys go out to da’club. A BeeGees beat is playing in the background. Their razor sharp, long ass shirt collars, cuts the throat of everybody in passing, as they sashay to the best of Walter Murphy’s   🎶”A 5th of Beethoven” 😎 sweet 
Over drinks, Quagmire recalls terrors of war. “Fortunate Son”🎤 was his torture. It played endlessly. His penis played it while in a ho’house. It weakened his sex drive. He cried #credenceclearwater #painsofwar

But Chris is in the Army now.  He’s late to the base. Peter takes his place & is being shipped off to Vietnam. Realizing what he’s done, he attempts to run. 😰  Oops, Too late. He sings 🎵 “Aquarius” 🎤with the words “Let my son die “…instead of me” #hilarious  He does a great job. Hella’funny.  😂
And John McCain, was locked in a Vietnam cage & now can’t rise his arms! I never knew! #POW 🤕😢
“Aquarius” still playing, The kids & Lois stand at a grave ⚰  Peter was stabbed by “Lady Boy”
The End  

Returning to the museum for close, Don Knotts is revived & just wants to talk to Peter.
“Andy Griffin was a heavy drinker #drunk & used to beat him up!” What?! “Ron Howard can testify.”  #askhim
Tim Conway slept with 1/2 the cast of “The Apple Dumplings Gang” What?! They were the only 2 in it! #dothemath #careermove #metoo Peter runs 🏃

😁👏👊 Excellent!  If nothing else, Family Guy remain a must see…just for honorable mentions and the Sethcarpet. So much, “I never knew!” 

Family Guy airs, Sunday’s @ 9:00 p.m Pacific Time on Fox