Fear The Walking Dead (S04E02) "Another Day in the Diamond"

The second episode of season four is here!
And what an episode.

We were wondering what our main characters were doing before meeting Morgan, Al and John in the previous episode.

The Dimond
The episode opens with a flashback of a year ago in the Dimond, where the Clark’s, Strand and Luciana were living in a new community settled in a baseball stadium. They seemed to be doing just fine. Everyone has a warm bed, a good breakfast. They grow a farm, with a few animals and a crops. Also the people living with them look nice and everyone gets along, at least that’s what we can gather from this episode.

And the bigger question is what happened after the last episode of season 3? Remember? Nick exploded the dam, dragging along Alicia, Strand and Madison with the current. Guess we are gonna have to wait and see in the next episodes.
We only know that they had a rough time, specially Nick who refuses to leave the new “home”.
But something starts to go wrong, the crops are going bad little by little. Fu*** weevils.

New faces
As expected Madison is one the head leaders of the new community, also she hasn’t been sleeping properly and is dedicating herself in making this place a secure and warm home for everyone, including a 12 years old girl named Charlie they found alone out there.

Gotta admit this kid gave me a bad vibe since the beginning, something was off.

This girl lost his family out there and Madison offers to look for them, even if it outside of the “area” approved by the community, but you know Maddi, if she sets her mind in something she will do it, no matter how.

Therefore, her, Alicia, Luciana and Strand take a car and go to the direction pointed by Charlie, where her parents are supposed to be or were.
2fear - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E02) "Another Day in the Diamond"
They split in two groups, Luciana with Victor and the Clark girls together. They find an abandoned little town, with a few buildings, and without a trace of people, but what is weirder is the lack of the infected, at this time if you don’t see one you start to worry instead of relax.

While looking around for someone or any clue of what happened in that ghost town, Maddi and Alicia find some huge fuel silos, also there a big white banner with the number ‘457’ written, sounds familiar?

When Madison separates from Alicia looking for another area, she finds herself with a gun in her head, is a woman asking for her car keys. Naomi (as we found out later her name) is played by Jenna Eflman.

4fear - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E02) "Another Day in the Diamond"
Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Jenna Elfman as Naomi – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

While Maddi tries to convice Naomi to drop the weapon and come back with them, she clicks the emergency code with the walkie-talkie alerting the others. She asks this woman if she knows a little girl named Charlie, but is not the case. Alicia, Strand and Luciana came to the rescue, but only to scare more Naomi. She attempts to scape and climbs to the top of one of the fuel silos. Madison goes behind her, and the find a hole with some music equipment around it, mm what’s with that?

Naomi starts to walking backwards and falls inside, following by Madison who jumps in to the rescue. Inside there’re a bunch of walkers, and they are trapped.

Strand is able to open the silo, freeing Naomi and Maddison along with the walkers.
3fear - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E02) "Another Day in the Diamond"
For a second Alicia had like a deja vu when she thought her mother has turned (like way back in season 2. Thank God she didn’t!

Back in the Dimond
Nick is taking care of the bad crops when he hears a music playing. The origin is unknown, so he decides to check by himself. Not a good idea, since he seems to be suffering a PTSD from his previous experience after the explosion in season 3 and whatever happened after that.

Nick crashes the car with a ligh post and is surrounded by walkers. A community mate starts shooting them from the stadium, giving Nick a chance to come back to safety.

That’s when Madison and the rest are back and finally saves Nick from the walkers and himself.
Once again Maddi tries to talk with Charlie and get more information about what happened to her parents, she just closed off, but doesn’t look “shocked or afraid”.

Later while Naomi is patching up Nick, we discover she is a nurse. Great asset for the group!
Maddi and Naomi start to get along. After a “But I pointed a gun at you”-“You didn’t shoot”. It seems this is the new way to make friends.

New people/ new trouble
Strand and some other of the survivors are taking walkers from the parking lot. When Luciana, from a lookout spot, sees a lot of trucks approaching them. She is fast to warn Strand and the others to come back quickly.

The trucks, the RVs and the cars start parking, in the meantime a guy bikes around playing classical music (the same Nick heard) and leads the remain walkers inside of truck, trapping them.

Then the biker, proceeds to hang a white banner and spray paint the number ‘12’ on it, then he takes a chair and starts drinking a beer, same with the rest of the intruders.

Our fierce leader Madison, goes and ask him what do they want from them? So he goes, with a devious smile, and tell her to “listen”. What alarms Maddi the most, is when this guy tells her about the plantations and to advise Nick to check on the other crops. WHAT?????
How does he know that?
8fear - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E02) "Another Day in the Diamond"
Well, like I said before, that kid Charlie gave a bad vibe. Mel (the biker) calls her “C’mere kiddo”.
Charlie turned out to be an spy, well played.

With a no “threating” way as he said. He gives Madison and her people two options. “Give me your stuff or die”. While also letting her know that he is aware all about their inventory, the number of people and weapons.

Madison just ignore him, even when he warned her: “You just haven’t been tested yet”.

The Vultures (as they called them later) camp outside the stadium.

Madison just goes back to her building project and the rest seems to follow her.

The last image of this “flashback” is of Luciana taking a book of “The little Prince” she found, to Charlie in the camp zone. End of the flash-back.

As you might remember, last episode left us with Alicia, Nick, Luciana and Strand ambushing Morgan, Al and John.
“You are with them” states Alicia. -With who? asks Althea. – “The Vultures” says Nick.
Althea tells them she doesn’t know the meaning of it. And offers to help each other, if they put the guns down.
7fear - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E02) "Another Day in the Diamond"
So now our main characters take the new trio inside the SWAT truck and drive away.
What happened after the flashback? Where is Madison? Hope we can get some answers in the next episode!