Life In Pieces (S03E18) "Renter Portrait Plagiarism Scam"

From getting paid by painting to thinking of an original story even though it’s not, here’s a recap of this week’s episode of Life In Pieces.

“Renter Portrait Plagiarism Scam” was another episode full of laughs, life lessons and how to check up on what you would assume is someone’s work. From Tyler and Clementine hosting an air b and b in their tiny home, leads to Tim and Heather had to deal with their renter of issues. Let alone when Jen helps her client, who’s a painter, gets paid with his art piece, a family portrait. The finishing product doesn’t win Jen over but Greg, Matt and others with it’s unique in style.

It doesn’t stop there when Sophia listens to her classmate’s story about where missing socks go when they can’t be found and uses it to help Matt and Colleen with their second book idea. But when Sophia tells her classmate that she thinks she stole from him but realized that the idea was already a book leaving both Matt and Colleen in an awkward situation with a publisher.
But the last story leaves us with a life lesson with IRS scams, as it’s been used the other stories in this episode. But it comes to John and Joan, who think that after firing their accountant that John forgot something and tries to fix it, until Heather comes over and explains to them that it’s a scam. But do you think it ends there? No, as they get an email from Joan’s nephew about how he needs money, in a bad way of using English.

It’s another funny and well written episode that proves that this show deserves another season on CBS. By far this show is one of my favorite family sitcoms and comedy from the eye network along with Kevin Can Wait. Yeah it’s so different that you don’t see but also the cast is amazing and the writing has been so good. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think that Life In Pieces should come back for another season?

You can catch Life In Pieces Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.