The Arrangement (S02E07) “On Location”

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You want to discuss twists and turns? Throw in a few mine fields also.
We had a ton of them in last night’s episode. It was written by Leah Benavides and Mel Cowen. The episode is directed by Jimmy Fox and produced by Clara George.

The Arrangement: Kyle and Megan’s deal is one-sided.
“You got screwed by your own people. “Creative Partners” wanted you out.” – Leslie to Megan
We will not be played or bamboozled that Kyle (Josh Henderson) is not playing Megan. (Christina Evangelista) IF he thinks that this “spiel” of “I just flat-out lied to the person I loved.” – Kyle talking on the phone to Terence. (Michael Vartan) Is going to fool us. Well shame on all of us. This is the same “fiancée” that hid a non-compete clause from the woman he “supposedly” loves. I am at a loss for words. Truly. The same man who hid that she would possibly be “PROBLEMATIC” and it was a clause in their contract?

What in fresh hell is this non-sense? Let’s do a replay, so there is a non-compete clause and a clause for ‘being problematic’. Oh no you didn’t, Terence and Kyle. What do you take Megan for? Is Megan supposed to be a step ford wife? Oh, no you picked the wrong woman. Add in a risk metric and of course Megan met all 3 of the requirements, according to Kyle. He had the audacity to say that Megan’s past was to blame for the contract! AS IF. You know anyone associated with IHM must sign one. Especially if they are involved with a high-profiled member. The more I watched the more I got disgusted with the whole ordeal. Megan, promise me now “YOU WILL BURN THE WHOLE THING DOWN.”

The DeAnn and Megan dynamic.
This was quite a welcome surprise. I must say long overdue, as we don’t get enough DeAnn (Lexa Doig) and Megan (Christina Evangelista) solo scenes. The ‘women power’ storylines are embraced and a joy to watch on ‘The Arrangement’. They have strong female characters on the show. We don’t see any shrinking violets. I must admit I am a huge fan of Lexa Doig. She encompasses the entire package. I admire her. Her pep talk to Megan on the plane was so truthful and yet so endearing.

“You’re a great actress and soon the whole world is going to know. Everything is going to change.” – DeAnn tells Megan
This was after Megan didn’t get the leading role in the “Lady Jane” movie because of her ties to IHM.
The friendship we never knew we loved so much: DeAnn and Leslie.
Leslie (Autumn Reeser) and DeAnn, the friendship we never knew we’d love so much! The chemistry and natural ease is evident. They are the “Ying to each other’s Yang”. The bar scene was hysterical. We find out they both knew about the contract.

Revelation! Were you laughing as hard as I was when Leslie referred to them as Romeo and Juliet? “Don’t you believe in the power of true love?” – Leslie to DeAnn. “Oh, God spare me.” – DeAnn to Leslie. The piece de resistance was when they were filming the final scene of the movie. It was a suicide scene. DeAnn and Leslie, these two are characters! I am telling you. When Leslie talks to Megan about her final scene. Leslie was asking DeAnn for her input. She should “Be Brave Not Give Up.” The next thing you hear is DeAnn yelling out a piece of advice to Megan. Guess what it was? “Be Brave. Don’t Give Up.”
Who can you trust? Are you for sure?
Wow, so many wild card factors here. Shaun, (Carra Patterson) Zach, (Kyle Toy) and Wes. (Jacob Artist) First off, Terence gets Zach (Jacob Artist) into a program at IHM. (Surprise!) And guess what again? Terence is paying for it. This totally blocks DeAnn’s plans for him to work for her as a production assistant. What is the plan then? DeAnn suggests to Terence that they work on having a child. She is ovulating. This is their window of opportunity. If you ask me this is so strange. Their entire marriage seems so business transactional. (What you can do for me. What I can offer you.) Is this part of DeAnn’s long game? Is she going to use their baby as leverage? Food for thought. Shaun (Carra Patterson) wow, in the beginning of the episode I really disliked where your character was going. You were dressed all sexy and you changed the way you composed yourself. You reminded me of a step ford wife. The difference is your working for Terence. It was only when your initiative got knocked down that your head came down from the clouds. Zach (Kyle Toy) called you out! Who is Julie Woolth and you need to locate her! Megan is your friend. Reality Check. Don’t deny that you don’t know or can’t find out who Julie is. He filled you in on what happened to his family and his entire life. Take heed. It can happen to you too.

The Arrangement (S02E07) “On Location” Random Musings:

  • What do you think are the chances of someone dying in the next episode? (I think it’s high.)
  • Do you feel Kyle’s rage will get worse now that we are getting closer to the end? (Possible.)
  • Who can you trust? Who is the least likely to trust? Food for thought?
  • I want you to simmer on this. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t “exist”. – Keyser Soze (The Usual Suspects)
  • So, who is the devil in this story…

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