Supergirl (S03E15) "In Search of Lost Time"

Another great episode that aired on our screens tonight everybody! And it looks like we have gotten a little closer to Pestilence but not close enough just yet. But in this episode we had two major things happen that made it a really good episode that we will get into discussion in a little bit, but lets get to this review.

So in this episode we had Mon-El (Chris Wood) try training Kara (Melissa Benoist) to use her cape in her fights. However it seems that no matter what things get in the way of the training. When Mon-El reveals what his cape is made out of which is a replication material from Kara’s with a combination of meta-human fabric to create what they call the smart cloth. And I have to say seeing Mon-El in his superhero suit really makes me happy, cause it almost looks identical to the comics version which is really awesome! While Mon-El and Kara train they get an interference with a psychic disturbance that makes everyone seem a little crazy, including Kara.

Meanwhile we get Lena’s (Katie McGrath) true intentions of why she brought Samantha (Odette Annable) to the secret lab in the facility. Even though Sam only wanted to leave, but Lena was trying to explain to Sam why she couldn’t leave which is the truth that even Sam was trying to deny all this time that she is Reign. But it took a lot of convincing, and I will say that Sam is one of the reasons why this season has been so awesome, not only is she the villain of the season she is also a character you have to feel sorry for because she is a mother to an innocent girl who may or may not even have villainy powers too. Although it would be interesting if Ruby did end up having some kind of powers and tried becoming a superhero but I highly doubt that it will happen. Random thought though, what if Ruby is Pestilence, that would be messed up don’t you think?

I mean don’t get me wrong, Ruby would be a great candidate for being the embodiment of Pestilence and it would also explain how Pestilence was able to evolve later on in the future. But I guess we will have to wait and see who truly ends up being Pestilence when they finally reveal her. But with it being so late in the season I highly doubt they want to cast a new cast mate so late in the season just for Pestilence’s big reveal. If the producers and writers were smart they would just use someone who they’ve already introduced in the season to be Pestilence, like Ruby. No people I’m not going to stop suggesting that, cause to me it just makes sense that a world killer would give birth another world killer but I guess we will see though.

So with the psychic disturbances we find out that it’s caused by M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly) who thinks he has control over the illness that he has but in reality it’s controlling him and he is forcing his psychic outburst to be unleashed to everybody forcing them to go Koo-Koo for Co-Co Puffs like seriously, everybody went nuts, beating up everybody luckily no one started beating themselves up that would be hilarious but also sad at the same time. Luckily everything eventually calmed down and M’yrnn agreed to let Jon (David Harwood) to help him control this disease in hopes it doesn’t kill him first.

By the end of the episode it looks like it’s getting closer to the reveal of Pestilence with another plague to fall upon the earth; it’s raining birds? Apparently Pestilence doesn’t realize in the bible it says it’s suppose to rain frogs, but yeah sure lets do birds instead, they are less money suitable for the computer graphics to make it raining birds by 3D Modeling one dead bird and clone it a thousand times to show thousands of birds fall upon National City. And yes I did just reveal a Hollywood television secret for your television shows any animal that is shown is always 3D Modeled and 3D Animated.

Next Episode: Supergirl(S03E16): “Of Two Minds” airs Monday April 30, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW