Arrow (S06E18) "Fundamentals" and (S06E19) "The Dragon"

To begin with the 18th episode – it was a confusing one to say the least.

It started with Oliver (Stephen Amell) snapping on his son, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) telling him to leave and Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) coming back from the dead. We then realize Oliver has been hallucinating from Vertigo, which can’t be good, obviously, but it at least made sense to everything that has happened.

Anyhow … Chase has been scarier in this episode than in the entire previous season. He tried so hard to kill Oliver and persuade him that he has to be alone, tricking him into feeling weak and being lost in seeing what is true and what isn’t.

During the mental battle with Chase, Oliver came up to a meeting that could follow to his impeachment. He delivered proof that certain people have been in bed with Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), but Vertigo simply wasn’t his friend in this decision, as everyone attacked him for having the evidence in the first place. I think that’s a bit funny, why couldn’t Oliver simply send an anonymous letter with the evidence? I understand that it could get in the wrong hands, but that’s relative. There were SURELY ways to write this storyline in a better way, even if the News were the ones that got the evidence.

Speaking of news … The episode ends with some – Oliver has indeed been impeached. Eh. Oliver didn’t even fight them, so it’s no wonder. All of this went down too easy, it’s like the writers have finally given up. And Diaz is now making plans for “new business”.

Though hardly anything even happened in this episode, it still wasn’t necessarily a boring one, the way the 19th episode was. It just lasted so much longer than it should have … Felicity and Curtis (Echo Kellum) have been working together again, so she could focus on something else besides Oliver. Meanwhile Diaz was running his own business with Laurel (Katie Cassidy). The only interesting thing about the episode was the part when the bomb went off. I like when things explode, obviously, I find such moments cool. Otherwise … I’d like not to use any additional words and tune in to the next episode.