Chicago Med (S03E17) "The Parent Trap"

It was all about the parents in this week’s episode of Chicago Med.

“The Parent Trap” serves the title purpose when talking about what this episode is all about: parents. From Reese’s learning that her father is gonna die and figuring out if she should talk to him one last time, but she does it becomes an awkward moment as he talks out of his head. Either way, he did get the heart transplant thanks to Rhodes, who pushes for it.

For Rhodes, he learns that Bekker has been seeing his dad after she gets a huge basket of flowers. Or course, we know that Conner and his dad has had a family feud since the beginning of the series and after the heart surgery, Rhodes opens to her about it situation and his feelings for her.

Natalie and Will are forced to work with each other thanks to Maggie when a kid comes in with a bad bowel that’s required surgery but learns that the kid has panda syndrome (yep it’s real, look it up). But Will doesn’t think the kid has it and that their family doctor is just pushing meds on him. It draws tension between Will and Natalie again but it opens up about how they’re medical opinion isn’t being heard. But the kid’s mother holds a personal secret that her son doesn’t have pandas syndrome but OCD.

April and Noah treat an elderly man, who comes in with what seems to be drug related but his daughter fights that he doesn’t take any drugs. With the test results indicating that he’s positive for drugs, it turns out that the man’s coat contain powder of fentanyl, which turns the ED on emergency lockdown of that wing due to being the strongest type. It puts Goodwin in a bad situation with the hospital board committee when she confronts them about putting the ED on bypass til the drug is cleaned out.

Ethan get angry with his sister, as she doesn’t return the car in time for his daily visit to the homeless kids that he’s been helping. But when she finally comes, Ethan treats a kid who seems to have cancer, but needs to inform his foster parents, for which the kid doesn’t want. Ethan’s sister helps him by getting Ethan not to tell the kid’s foster parents, but he does when the results prove right. But Ethan not only learns about the kid’s decision to leave but also his sister’s view on it too as she was a runaway as well. The kid did comes back to the ED, sees his foster parents, and gets treated but the relationship might not be there between them.

This episode was as good as it could be with the moments of Reese and her father being one of the best of the episode to #Manstead moments to even the worried moment between Goodwin and the board members when the hospital attorney tells her about how this could get her fired. The character development in this episode was as good with memorable moments and performances from the cast. Just three more episodes left til the end of the season, something big feels like is going to happen.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Chicago Med Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.