Siren (S01E05) "Curse Of The Starving Class"

In this weeks episode we learn more deep secrets about the military and what their plans are with the mermaids. The episode opens up with a time jump of one month since Ryn and Donna left for sea. Chris had moved up to Alaska to escape Decker and the military but ultimately ends up being found. After being asked questions about his time in the facility, Chris believes that he is now in the clear since Decker believes that Chris does not remember a thing about what truly happened. He decides that he is done running and returns back home to Bristol Cove.

Ben finds a new interest in his families history and their company. Fishing lately has been unsafe because Ben’s families’ company is forcing their men to catch everything and anything they can because of a recently new account that has been buying out all of the dead catches from the sea, ultimately we find out that this company is Decker and the military just trying to drive the mermaids to land because of the lack of food in the ocean. The plan works and we now have Ryn and Donna back on land.
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After reuniting with Ben and Maddie, Ryn tries to explain to her sister that not all people are bad. Donna is still traumatized by the tests that were taken on her during her time in captivity so she does not believe a word. Ryn defends the humans and has a fight with her sister that leads to a bloody brawl, Donna has to run away and heal before heading back to the water because the blood would track a shark.

Ryn and Maddie share an intimate moment which to me, was the most surprising thing that happened this episode. I am liking the show so far but I have to admit that trying to contact to the characters is a bit hard. They seem very two dimensional. Hopefully as the show progresses and maybe with a renewal we will learn more about the characters personally instead of having to make up their backgrounds and stories ourselves. I also hope that the kiss was not a queer bait, no pun intended there.
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The lack of food in the ocean is causing the mermaids to move toward land and the military want to capture them all. Decker had ordered a ton of tanks and they have recently built a new facility in the area to hopefully put their captives in.

Moreover, Mrs. Pownall invites Maddie to lunch after having a talk with Doc Abbott about Ben and his mystery “rescues”. Things seemed to be going just fine until Mrs. Pownhall referred to Maddie as a rescue of Ben, and that her son likes to focus on one thing and then give up on it later on. Maddie walks out politely but definitely left her mark and a sour taste in Mrs. Pownall’s mouth.

At the end of the episode we finally get confirmation that Helen is a mermaid as well asif it was not obvious from the start. I hope that in this weeks episode and in the future we will learn more about her backstory and why she chose to live on land and how she is able to cover it up so well. It ends with Decker rolling into town..what could this possibly mean?

Episode 1×5 was alright in my opinion. Hopefully the show continues at a nice and steady tide to reel in more viewers and a season 2.

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