Star (S02E14) "After the Set, it’s the After Party"

Star and Cotten are listening to music, laying on the floor like they’re at a sleepover. They’re getting tats on their ass. #trampstamp They’ve both been drinking #drunk 

And did Cotton have her surgery, yet? 🤔 Still pending?  

Andy is with his mama & daddy. They’re white.  He’s adopted. He’s the only black person they know! 
“Ma & Pa Andy” will cut him off, if he stops his internship @ Midtown.  I thought he was getting paid! This is actually a good twist. ‘Never saw that coming  #bravo 

Cassies back, with a new & improved look. Not so old lady, rachet- hood, but more ghettofabulous. 👌

She’s back on the downlow, looking for her 200k. She’s in a new business… without mama. #gangsta #drugs

Alex brings Noah breakfast. ‘Looks like a box of cold cereal. They selfie. Bougie don’t like to be called, “Bae” and I don’t line Noah ‘s hair today. 

Andy doesnt know black culture. He’s technically a white man.  Angel doesn’t know Samuel Davis jr. LMAO 👊

Cassie hits on Andy. He calls her ma’m! What??! #cougar

Natalie (Meagan Good) is a promoter, booking the artist into colleges. They need the hype. Whoever gets the most campus heat…gets the heat. She’s also Maurice’s old girlfriend

Cotton meets with Keisha, Jaden’s mama. He’s 7 years old. Keisha walks, when she realizes Cotton, used ta’be Arnold.  

Derek is busted by Gram Ruby & she kicks The Therapist out. She also calls Derek an “Ungrateful Bastard” when he demands his privacy & threatens to move…as soon as he gets his money. #settlement  

Natalie & Carlotta “talk” about Maurice…kinda. I think they both know, “what’s up” Old love vs. New
Jahil pops a pill with coffee and takes AA to Florida’s campus; getting a jump on the competition.  

The college: ‘Step Sisters, Step Dance. They’re great! Jax is there  #roadie & Noah shows up!  He claims to be “supporting his lady” Fan (girls) are all over him. 

Star & Andy go tie-toe in front of the students.  He pretty much calls her a Culture Vulture  & she calls him an Oreo…pretty much. Not the cookie.

Andy’s cutaway…” Your Blood” 🎤 shows he’s struggling to know who he is. He ain’t white & needs to find himself. It was well done.  Star was working tables. 😉

Derek is with The Therapist again, when Ruby walks in…again.  She calls The Therapist, “a rebound” …but she declares “I’m  Columbian!” Perfection 

 ake3 opens with something sexy. to a willing crowd. Their mics 🎤malfunction. They’re done #sabotage

Star stabs Andy’s tires, cause Jax tells her “Andy did it” They fight in the parking lot.  Angel & Simone too….over Star’s behavior.  😔😕💔 #myship

Carlotta has no control over the situation. She & Jahil argue. He nearly collapses. It was a heart pill he took earlier. Carlotta won’t tell
The girls try again #theafterparty This time, with the Step Dancers. 🎤”Can I talk to you” a capella sweet.👏  #onpoint
Noah’s there too. “fans” are all over him. Alex is embarrassed. Star throws something at the head of the interloper. 

Back at the ranch: #midtown. Maurice holds a sit down with Star & Andy.  Andy is fired as an intern…and his hefty allowance is done, too! Terms of Conditions  One more breech, cheat, lie, infraction; he’s off the tour, too. What about his tires?! 

Derek claims he wants The Therapist. #norebound He stands and walks to her. They kiss.

Gram Ruby answers the phone in the other room, in the meantime. Derek’s settlement, well “the check is in the mail” 💰 Who’s gonna steal it? 🤔

Cotten tells her parents. They’re #grandparents The look on their faces… #priceless 

Simone comes to see Angel. Talking, heart to heart; they get close. Kiss  They gon’work it out  #promises #myship

Realizing he’s broke, Andy rolls up on Cassie. He sings to her, “If Only for One Night”  She sings with him. 👊 He gets in her car.  #sugarmama #cougar.

Off topic: Ain’t it hard to believe Brandy’s as Cassie is a cougar? #grownup 

Natalie comes to see Maurice. She wants to get bizzy. She makes promises. Truly a “Dog Eat Dog” episode, innit?
♩♩♩♩notes & a trumpet 🎺

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