The 100 (S05E01) "Eden"

And The 100 is back on!

Season 5 started and I must say, from the past seasons this is one of the most fantastic premiers.

Season 4 left us with a cliffhanger showing us that along the way Clarke met a young nightblood called Madi and they’ve been living together, while the rest of the group where divided between the underground and the space.

The last image is a spaceship landing, first thought, maybe It’s Bellamy and the gang, but no, it seems to be some jail ship from Eligius Corp. This kinda hint us that they are gonna be the new “villains” of this season.

But what happened before all of this?

Clarke was left behind, trapped in earth while his family and friends were underground or up in the sky. Due to the fact that she turned into a nightblood she was able to survive the radiation wave. First part of episode 1 showed us a little of what Clarke has been doing since the dead wave.

With an incredible performance, Eliza Taylor entertained us for almost 20 minutes of Clare’s scenes alone in the world. Acting isn’t easy, but acting alone with no one to interact with, that is a challenge and Taylor excelled it.

Our main character has been surviving on her own for around 40 days, walking around and trying to communicate with her mother who was in the bunker underground with Octavia and the rest of the survivors, with no such luck.
t100 4 - The 100 (S05E01) "Eden"
After losing her rover, her people and the remaining hope, Clarke almost gave up on life in the middle of the desert (this scene was strong and tough), that is until a bird appears, giving her the last hope she needed to keep going.

There she finds this little village that looks like the “Eden”, as the episode is called. It seems the death wave jumped over it and left this beautiful green and alive place. Of course, as dark as the 100 is, Clarke finds many bodies of the people who used live there. Guess the radiation did his part after all.

Anyways, Clarke started making this place her new home, all was going great, as far as the only person on earth could go. She was talking through radio when a small figure appeared in the trees.
t100 3 - The 100 (S05E01) "Eden"
Clarke goes after this little girl, asking her to stop (in trigedeslang). When Clarke almost got her, a bear trap caught her leg , then the girl took the chance to attack, screaming “Die fleimkeepa”. Guess we know how this girl didn’t end up in Polis. But as soon as she sees Clarke’s black blood, she stops attacking her and runs away again.

Poor Clarke the only living person is a child and now she is injured, luckily, she knows how to treat her wounds, even if they are painful.

After healing herself. She intends to find the little natblida. Seeing as she is wounded and can’t keep up with the girl, she has a better idea to capt the child’s attention. So She leaves a drawing for her to see.

Now back in the present. I have to admit, I was really excited to see this side of Clarke. I mean she was always the protector, but it felt more like a job, like a responsibility she didn’t choose, the whole “I must to pretect my people” thing.

So now we get to see Mama Clarke and it’s beautiful side of her. Not a teenager anymore, Clarke is full grown up adult taking care of pre-teen Madi, she must be around 12 years by now.
t100 5 - The 100 (S05E01) "Eden"
I hope we can see more about their relationship development in the future episodes.
Can’t wait for Abby’s face when she sees her new granddaughter.

Up in the sky

As you might remember, Bellamy, Raven, Monty, Harper, Echo, Emori and Murphy were able to escape the death wave and radiation by living once again in the remains of the Ark up in space.
We dont get a glimpse of how they were doing this past 6 years.
But what we can gather is Echo training lessons. Raven against Echo, that was a fun scene and it’s nice to see our favorite mechanic showing some fighting skills. I’d like to see her in real action!
Monty is the designated chef, well chef maybe is a big word for what it seems they were eating, at least they got food in their bellies.
Also, Reven got a copilot, Emori. Is not surprised since she’s been collecting (robbing) tech and is familiarized with, also she seems to enjoy it. I bet Raven is a great teacher.
Not so shocking either, Murphy aisled at some point from the group. We don’t know why, I guess we’ll find out soon.
t100 2 - The 100 (S05E01) "Eden"
And for those who were rooting for this couple, BECHO is real. After 3 years (as remarks Echo) Bellamy forgives her and now they are a couple. Gotta admit I saw that potential since they met in Mount Weather back in Season 2. It’s nice to see Bellamy with heart eyes. Allies to enemies, enemies to friends and friends to lovers. What a journey this two!

Our gang has been trying to get back for a while, but even with Raven’s brain and hard work this wasn’t possible until they spot another ship navigating close to them. They tried to communicate with this mysterious crew, but they weren’t that lucky.
They find a silver lining as they see that this ship was descending to earth, more precisely in this little green spot (guess who’s there). Now they need to get to the main ship and use the fuel to land on earth as well.

The new bad guys
As previously mentioned, the new villains seem to be the crew from Eligius Ship, which transports prisoners who were in a induced sleep for a while.
When the ship lands, Clarke is quick to send Madi to her secret spot.
She needs to check who are this people first. When the ship’s door opens we see a woman taking her mask off and breaths the new air, when all seems to be safe, she starts calling the rest of the crew. A bunch of men and woman start to come out loaded with guns and not with good intentions.
Here we meet new faces: The leader is Charmaine Diyoza played by Ivana Milicevic, her tech guy is Zeke Shaw and her best mass murderer is Paxton McCreary played by William Miller.
The leader orders to search the village.
Somehow two members of the crew find Madi, she was able to shoot and hurt one of the man. When he recovers and he wants to kill her, even when his mate told him not to kill a child. When he is about to shoot, Clarke comes to the rescue. YAY!
Little innocent Madi warns Clarke that the other guy left tried to help her and maybe he is a good guy after all. But Clarke knows best “They are not good guys”, so she kills him, alerting the others by the gun shoot sounds.

Back in the bunker
We don’t get much about how are they doing or how this past years were for Abby, Thelonious, Kane, Indra, Galia, Octavia and the rest of the survivors.

We only get to see what it seems a combat to death as entertainment and Octavia in a full ruthless leader mode watching the scene from her throne above. What’s her deal? I guess we lost sweet Octavia forever.