The Flash (S04E19) "Fury Rogue"

So this episode was interesting and really good, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again this season has been a huge improvement and it has had better stories in each episode so far, with only 3 or 4 episodes left in the season it makes you wonder what is Devoe’s (Neil Sandilands) true objective with the enlightenment? But lets get to the review!

So with this episode everyone on the team is dealing with their grief from losing Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) in the last episode. Except Barry (Grant Gustin) who seems to not be showing grief in any way over the loss of Ralph. But with the last bus meta Fallout (Ryan McDonald) still out there, Barry can’t grieve he has to stick to the mission to protect Fallout from Devoe (Neil Sandilands). Barry recruits Leo/Citizen Cold (Wentworth Miller) from Earth-X to help capture Fallout but danger follows from Earth-X the villainous Siren-X (Katie Cassidy) who is another doppelganger of Laurel Lance, but shes a nazi version whose different from the Earth 2 version of Black Siren. I know multiple Earths that makes your head spin but it’s the way of the DC Universe.

Now I have to say Leo literally showed some wisdom in this episode. Especially towards Barry, like Leo almost goes full yoda on Barry by giving him wise words and showing him the right way towards respecting Barry’s fallen hero. Now I will say that I really do wish that this wouldn’t be Wentworth Miller’s last performance as his cold character, but sadly from what I’ve read in articles is that this is indeed Wentworth Miller’s final performance in the Arrowverse. Like I said I wish it wasn’t; I wish they could find a way to make a new contract for Wentworth Miller to have him at least guest star every now and then when he has time on his hands to appear as an even wiser Citizen Cold, but then again you never know. But I’m glad that Leo was able to take with him back to his own earth was some gear from Earth-1’s Captain Cold which is awesome! I really liked though the scene in the CCPD when Barry froze trying to save everyone from Fallout cause of him having flashbacks to when Ralph died, Leo was there to help him out and remind him it wasn’t Barry’s fault.

One detail that they left unanswered is what happened to Siren-X after the CCPD incident? Was she arrested and put in jail? Was she sent back to Earth-X? Is Team Flash keeping her in one of the pipeline prisons in Star Labs? I wish we could’ve had some kind of answer to what happened to her and I’m not the only one who wonders about this too! I mean you have her make her entrance onto the earth, if she really did leave Earth-1 and was sent back to Earth-X don’t you think they would’ve shown that in some part of the episode? But instead it’s just left open, hopefully we don’t have her hop onto Arrow to make Quintin Lance have whiplash over all the Laurels that keep coming to their Earth. Guess we will have to wait and see!

I have to say though, I’m starting to see Marlize/The Mechanic (Kim Engelbrecht) kinda see the light in how all this power is now consuming her beloved Devoe. I mean if you look at all this episode, you can clearly see that the wife side of her is extremely happy to see her husband back in his own true face. But yet, Clifford Devoe never notices! Marlize even goes out of her way to try and help her husband to think of some ideas of her own but instead gets shut down every time. I honestly feel bad for her, I really do, shes been drugged by her own husband who at the time was swapping bodies practically every episode but still thats no reason to drug your own love. I’m really hoping that she is coming to see the light in the madness and will switch sides. After all actress Kim Engelbrecht is really good at playing the character’s who at a final reveal switches sides and helps the enemy instead of her allegianced ones. And I really hope that Marlize came up with some kind of system to trick Devoe into thinking he got rid of all the copies of the recorded message that Marlize left herself. That way she can see what Devoe has done to her all this time. But only time will tell!

Now as for Harry (Tom Cavanagh) I know I should feel bad for whats happening with him but it is his own fault. And now he’s paying the price for it by slowly losing his intelligence minute by minute, hour by hour. Is it sad, yes, but I just can’t feel bad for him cause he should’ve just listened to Gideon (Morena Baccarin) then none of this would be happening right now. But now Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is having a crazy idea about trying to help him get his intelligence back by going through a similar process that they had to use in Season 2 when Barry lost his speed, but is it really worth it? We all saw the outcome back in Season 2 what happened to Barry; Do we want a similar action to happen to Harry to make the condition force him to even become comatose? It could happen people, in my own opinion, Cisco should just leave everything alone and let Harry become stupid. Is that mean for me to say? Yes, but it is also the best move for anyone to make!

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