Timeless (S02E06) “The King of the Delta Blues”

Are you kidding me right now Anslem Richardson? The talented actor/screenwriter/filmmaker/visual artist joins the Timeless team this week by way of story editor, and I dare say he did this show AND Robert Johnson darn proud. I’ve always admired the musical choices for the show, but I’ll be damned if Anselm didn’t help step it up a notch this week. This episode fully takes the cake on tunes. I have not yet found out whether or not Kamahl Naiqui did his own singing in this episode, but seems to be the embodiment of Robert Johnson. You know, the King of the Blues? In case there were some “philistine’s” as Connor Mason (Paterson Joseph) would call them, who didn’t already know.
Speaking of, do you even remember the times when we hated Connor Mason?
Though he still has cheeky responses aplenty, he’s stepped up his game almost as much as Flynn (Goran Višnjić) has. After this episode, it’s like I hardly recall that he once worked WITH Rittenhouse. We see him fall to a new low, educate the team on how vastly important music (especially Robert Johnson’s) is AND takes his first trip through time. The results – surprisingly perfect. Not convinced? Re-watch the bit where he gives a pep talk to Robert.
flucy - Timeless (S02E06) “The King of the Delta Blues”
The Mother Ship and Other Ships
#Garcy fans must be having the time of their lives right now. It’s not just that Flynn and Lucy are paired together in this mission, it’s that they seem to be building a friendly relationship of sorts. Flynn compliments how impressive Lucy from the journal is and lets her know he doesn’t expect a friendship in return. He’s making a point to expand their relations, and it ends up being more touching than I would anticipate. Even Lucy tells Wyatt how impressed she was with his performance.
#Lyatt fans are shedding tears of ‘doing the right thing’ as Lucy practically kicks Wyatt out of the bunker to be with Jessica. “I’m way more fun on these missions than Wyatt” – Fynn.
#Riya – I can’t help but take a deep sigh here. Turns out Jiya’s “creepy visions” have gotten creepy. Has Rufus been right to fear them all along? I’m uncertain about how they will pan out in the next episode!

Once again, TIMELESS has a way of unfolding fantastical story whilst teaching us little slices of history along the way. They (Ryan Kripke & Shawn Ryan with guest Anslem Richardson) do it with such grace that I am fully immersed in this land of time travel. The words “suspension of belief” don’t even enter my train of thought. It’s a time travel show for crying out loud, but for 50 minutes (give or take) I’m in the 1920’s with the whole gang.
Extra Fun
• “Fanboy’s don’t save the world Ruffus” – 100% the best line in the episode. Is this also a bit of a shout out to all the fans who saved Timeless? If so, well played.
• This episode aired on Malcolm Barret’s birthday!
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