Legion (S02E04) “Chapter 12”

Every episode brings us closer to the end of the world. This one seems to put the current timeline on pause, bringing us some much needed relief from the chaos that has surrounded them since day one.

Cue the long awaited back story. Syd (Rachel Keller) is trapped in her core desire, reliving her life and the loneliness she has experienced along the way. We get a better understanding of why she is the way she is. The creators have a great way of bringing each character to life, in subtle tones, but it certainly does the trick with this sequence. The music ties it all together with a big, beautiful bow.

On the outside looking in, David (Dan Stevens) is being tested every step of the way. Reaching Syd is no easy task, but his heart leads the way forward. They are stuck in one twisted loop and getting to the answer isn’t as obvious as it seems. He is missing some key element, and it seems as though they will be stuck in this twisted dance for eternity. As we know, in Legion nothing is ever as it seems to be. There is no easy way out of this one.

Doomed to repetition, the pieces slowly start revealing themselves. It’s agonizing to watch the two of them go through this never-ending dance, but there is an end to everything. Oh, and cheating his way through only lands him back at the beginning of the vicious cycle. It becomes increasingly clear that they are not in the maze anymore.

We are catapulted back to Division 3, everything is in disarray, but everyone has awoken from their untimely slumber. All but Syd and David that is. This isn’t a fairy tale, its darkness and madness, but love is what gets them through. It will give them the strength to do what they must when the time comes. And that time is coming.

They will watch the world burn. Together.

Something big is just beyond the horizon. Will they be ready?

You can catch a new episode of Legion , Tuesday May 1st on AMC at 10/9c.

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