Queer Eye (S01E03) “Dega Don’t”

captura de pantalla 2018 04 09 20 00 261 - Queer Eye (S01E03) "Dega Don't"
This is one episode with lights and shadows as it shows some great moments and one iconic moment, but it also lacks the spark we’ve seen in other episodes. Let’s talk about it.

Cory is the subject of the episode. He is a cop, who is a Trump supporter and lives in the basement in order to isolate himself from his wife and his daughter… He has all the ingredients to be an unlikable guy, at least for me, and I bet for most of the audience. And yet, when the episode ends I felt compelled by him, though I have to wonder if more people felt the same.

Cory’s wardrobe was atrocious, although I found his costumes to go to NASCAR quite interesting, at least the guy was original. However, the basement was by far the worst part of the episode, everything about that basement was wrong, the furniture, the signs, the walls, the symbolism as it was his hiding place. As soon as I saw that basement, I knew Bobby would be the star of the episode. I was wrong, his makeover was awesome as usual, and the detail of making a quilt with Cory’s father clothes was very sweet, but we didn’t get to see a lot of his process. And it’s not the first time, which is one of the things I like the less about the show, I would like to see Bobby doing his thing, just a little bit. In any case, Bobby’s job wasn’t only stunning, it was also the part with more significance as he did everything in his hand to create a space where Cory could be with his family and feel comfortable. I hope it worked

Jonathan didn’t have a lot to do, but that is never a problem for him, he was his charming, hilarious, wise self and I that is enough to steal the thunder. His scene with Cory and his daughter was sweet and cute, and his recipe to make a scrub with sugar and coconut oil is something I have to try.

As for Tan, he took Cory to the big and tall store to find clothes that actually fit the guy, and the result was shocking, which gives me hope, I don’t need to follow the diet and do exercise, I only need to buy clothes that fit… I hope if I keep repeating this all day it becomes reality.

I think this is one of the few episodes where we don’t see Antony truly bonding with the subject. Whether it’s because he is so sweet and patient, or it’s because of the food and the atmosphere that he creates, Antony always connects with the subjects and he gets them to confess something, or to change something, or to open the eyes. However, I didn’t see any of that with Cory, though as a Spanish woman I was happy when he showed how to make sangria at home. It was good enough.

And now it’s time for the light of the episode. Karamo is perhaps the one with the most confusing role. What does a culture expert do? Well, in this episode he had one of those iconic moments makes the show different and special. I’m talking about the conversation he had in the car with Cory. To me, it was riveting to see Cory and Karamo talking about police, racism, black people and the black lives matter, and, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter if it was real or it was for the cameras, the message is still vital: people need to speak to each other and actually listen to each other, instead of judging people based on stereotypes.
And yes, this probably was the perfect moment to speak about the elephant in the room, those Trump signs in the basement, but as I said, this was an episode with lights and shadows, and that was the shadow.