UnREAL (S03E09 + S03E10) “Codependence” + “Commitment”

Sadly we’ve come to the end of this season of UnREAL, and boy did it go out with a bang. The season was definitely dark and twisted, just like our very own Rachel Goldberg. There was no shortage of drama and dashed happy endings by the finale, leaving our cast slightly scattered. While we did get a tantalizing preview for next season, the finale was originally written to end the series. This kinda makes it all bitter sweet, as we know the peace won’t last. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First up for our ‘Everlasting’ gang was time in a poorly made sweat lodge, which yielded some very interesting information sharing. Owen specifically really opened up to our Suitress. Serena seemed to connect with all three bachelors, at least until the party later in the evening. The men were tasked with raising money for Chet’s school, with the prize of course being one on one time with Serena. Unfortunately for the contestants, Gary was planning a surprise of his own; forcing Quinn to retire. That scheme does not go well in the slightest, and he certainly ends up regretting going against the most Boss lady to ever exist. The announcement gets cancelled thanks to the quick work of Rachel, who masterfully orchestrates a fight between August and Owen. This changes the course of the night to focus on veteran appreciation, which lets Quinn skate by temporarily unscathed. Chet… not so much. As an end to an already crazy night, Chet’s girlfriend surprises him in a wedding dress and proposes they get married then. Sadly he turns her down and confesses his love for Quinn, breaking that poor girls heart. It also doesn’t help that Quinn is not interested in taking things further than hooking up.

Needless to say everything is spiralling at this point. Serena cuts August in favour of Owen. Quinn and Gary are warring out in the open, and Rachel is still letting her loyalty justify her less than ok actions. Yes she is being a bit more honest about it, but it’s not really a step up from where she was. This behaviour both lands and loses her a job with Serena. The two could have become a pretty great power duo, but Rachel puts ‘Everlasting’ and Quinn first. Her loyalty is blind and sometimes that can be really frustrating. Rachel deserves some peace and happiness after all of this chaos, but she just can’t seem to ever really give it up.

Even when she gets her cabin and seems to be out, we see in the preview for the next season that she gets roped back in. Though let’s be honest, next season does look hella good. I’m kind of hoping that Serena comes back in some way, given how she exited this season. My heart broke a little bit when I saw her open her dating app on her phone with an exasperated look. I wanted her to find love at the end of all of this, even if the final two were not the greatest. As in Jasper. I’m talking about Jasper being sucky. Yeah he was all, dark, and handsome, but he was also a spoiled brat. I don’t think Owen was a much better fit either though, but for different reasons. I think they would have been able to settle down, but Serena would always want to have her career, and that’s not always family friendly. In the end choosing no one was the best move for her, and I admire that above all she chose her happiness. It’s too bad she can’t be a positive influence in Rachel’s life now.

Something I really love about UnREAL is that it’s always making us guess. No one is really safe, and twists are always afoot. I loved how it portrayed mental illness this season, acknowledging that getting help is important and what toxic people/relationships are. That doesn’t mean that the characters are healed by any means, but it showed us part of the process. We also are shown how dangerous it can be for someone to be treating their family, and how more damage than healing can occur. To be fair the Goldbergs are a pretty particular case. Hopefully Rachel will continue to seek help for her issues, preferably minus the doctor being a stalker.

It’ll be exciting to see what comes next season, especially with Madison and Fiona. I definitely hope we get lots more of her, I’m enjoying how she bring out another side of Quinn. Plus with Rachel being the Suitress… well we are in for a pretty crazy ride. Every day we have to wait feels too long!