Empire (S04E14) "False Face"

Oh.My..God! Alfre Woodard is Cookie’s mama!  👊 Ahem “Boo Boo Kitty” is back & smoking cigars. She’s conspiring with Eddie Barker,  which is also bad for her health.  Eddie still  plans to take Empire. #falseface

The eppy starts with Lucious bringing Cookie breakfast in bed. She’s conspiring with Thirsty to find Poundcake’s child. He comes through.
Her name is Maya; adopted by some white people. Cookie’s going to handle this herself. Poundcake is dying.  She don’t have time to dance around the arena. #loyalfriend

Lucious wants to get rid of Eddie…personally. Thirsty gives him papers to sign. He refuses. Lucious threatens to tell the SEC. #underhanded trading.  He laughs. “Enjoy the offices while you can” He walks out. #booyah

What did Eddie  do to gain such power? Shine owns 20% of sum’n, so what does Eddie have? 🤔 Gotta go back and “read the fine print ” #Kanyeshrug

Cookie goes to the dance studio. Maya dances. She’s pretty & very good. #ballerina 

Cook has a flashback. Carol visits… “mama reached out” & “mama’s here” She comes current & introduces herself. Maya is thrilled! Cookie lies. They’re holding auditions. Interested? YES! Empire @ 2 tomorrow. She’ll be there.  

Lucious rolls up on Eddie, giving a party for Tiana with Tory, peppered in. They’re killing it. #1 on everything. The Lyon cubs seem obsolete
He didn’t invite Lucious,  it’ s to “wow” the Board. He’s successful. They are wow’d. Eddie toasts Lucious. Lucious stares.
I must say, Whitaker is rocking this disgusting role. He’s so creepy & slippery 

Lucious wants to kill him and he should. #backstabbing  #traitor Lucious meets with his boys, Hakeem & Jamal. Get on it! #hitmakers
Jamal meets with Tory…they plan a collective. Anonymous

Andre meets with his Rev, then Hakeem in an old basement to live stream. His numbers are guaranteed if he can be his big brother again. #sweet “ok”  deal. Jamal “no”

Gisele rolls up on Eddie while he’s “wining” Edna of the board. She walks & suggest he get his personal affairs in order, after Monique & Celeste join in bitching about. ..everything. Arranged by Lucious, he sends champagne. #cheers #booyahback 

Eddie makes a new ally.  Shine! He sells Snake Oil & promises. They shake on it.

Tory gets a tat on her ass and is encouraged to use again…by Eddie!  “Just a little something to take the edge off”

Tiana is a bitch to Maya, she runs and Cookie puts Tiana in check. Leading Cookie to tell Maya about her mom…Maya walks. ✋ Talk to da’hand 

Flashback. Mama Loretha is visiting. It’s not going well. Yelling. Screaming. Name calling. #ouch 

Shine meets with Eddie…and Lucious. He decides to go with the Devil he knows. #Lucious & leaves. They threaten each other. Eddie smiles & walks away., saying “We ain’t done” 

The Basement: Jamal arrives & still won’t talk to Dre. Tiana crashes the stage..so does Blake.  #protégé 
Upstairs; Tiana is all over Hakeem. I don’t trust her anymore. I’m thinking sex tape, when they’re doing the nasty. But “no” not yet anyway  
Lucious is loading his gun. Cookie finds out about Eddie. She stops him. I ain’t saying he should kill him…but I understand ⚰
Cookie & Lucious surprise Eddie. They have sealed artist cases. He signs  “can’ t say “no” to Cookie.  

Cookie visits Poundcake. Lies. Didn’t find your daughter. 😔

Across town, Eddie’s still treading water! He ain’t dead yet! He’s now wining, Anika! #boobookitty

A clause in Anika’s custody agreement, gives her control of Bella’s shares. She’s in on the Empire take down. Charge? She wants to be COO! Eddie lights her cigar!

 #dogeatdog #cross & #doublecross episode. ..and a lot of meeting! 😁 ♩♩♩ & a 🎺 for casting Alfre! 👊

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