Instinct (S01E02) “Wild Game”

In my previous review I had said that nothing about its premiere really interested or impressed me, but that there was a lot of potential for a great platonic relationship between the two leads. It seems that the show realizes this too and so we make some more progress in terms of their working relationship.

Sadly, in terms of the plot, it’s a lackluster unimaginative bore which we have been seeing since long- there has been a murder of a capitalist who was set on acquiring the restaurant and land of a couple since they had failed in their mortgage payments. Lizzie Needham is called in to investigate while Dylan on the other hand wants to work with NYPD but he can’t really accept his wants since he has a stable married life now and is a professor in a prestigious university too. But Dylan had agreed to act in the capacity of an advisor for the NYPD so he is called in by Lizzie. Both of them are in denial of things- Lizzie could really use a partner to help with the cases and the workload, and Dylan would like to step out of academia and work in the field. But admitting that would require them to step out from their comfort zone which isn’t acceptable to them. This comfort zone is similar to the fantasy safe world which was created by the actual culprit to avoid facing reality and it also prevented her from seeking help for her needs.

But at the end, Dylan and his knowledge prevails and they do manage to catch the culprit after going through the usual rounds of targeting the wrong people first. Both of them also admit that they would like to work together since Lizzie could use a partner and Dylan loves working so hands-on as well.

One thing I liked was how Reinhart taught his class with such enthusiasm and engagement. I would certainly love to be present in such a class which had so much energy. I was certainly very surprised and happy to see Lizzie attend his classes at the end too.
It’s a major pity that the show decided to waste a plot which could have had some real meat in its bones had it been developed. I certainly was waiting for more Renaissance references to kick in; but oh well, it certainly isn’t as good as criminal minds S1. But as I have been saying, there is a certain newness to Dylan and Lizzie’s pairing in that, I don’t ever have to roll my eyes and think about how they will inevitably get together, but that they could certainly be each other’s support in the way which has been mostly either unexplored or relegated to the background in tvshows- in a platonic and familial relationship.