The Big Bang Theory (S11E22) “The Monetary Insufficiency”

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The episodes open with a mixer. Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Howard (Simon Helberg) meet Leonard (Johnny Galecki).
The time has arrived. It’s Amy Farrah Fowler’s (Mayim Bialik) wedding is nigh and she’ll look like a swan if she wants too. (You would cry too if it happened to you.)

Sheldon thinks Amy looks beautiful in her wedding dress. Amy loves it too. Unfortunately, Penny (Haley Cuoco) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) do not share that same opinion. As “Men in Films” would say “HATED IT!”
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If I remember correctly, they said she looked like a “Shepard’s crook” (aka Boo Peep). That is not exactly flattering for a bride-to-be.

There are so many things on Sheldon’s mind right now. (The big day, a road trip to Vegas, his string theory…) Walking in on Amy in her dress happened as he’s returning from a road trip to Vegas. This is where Sheldon goes to parlay his stash of cash into enough money to fund the big string-theory research project he concocted. (Even though Leonard suggested this. It won’t be noted.)
Sheldon has a plethora of ideas to make fast cash. He wants to create miniature black holes. You know that will cost a cool $500 million. (This is not a joke!) He’s even approached his university. He sold Raj his tuna sandwich, for a cool $5k. This is nowhere close to his goal. He is very short on the funds he needs. We are talking $499,935,000 short. How depressing.

Sadly, through selling Sheldon’s comic books, including his personal money and an ill-conceived Kickstarter campaign, he’s only able to get $65,000. That’s when Raj suggests he go to Vegas and try gambling. Leonard warns against it, but Sheldon believes his superior math skills will allow him to beat the system and make some serious money. However, his trusting nature and complete inability to not show off gets him immediately nabbed by casino security, who clocked him doing the math on a pad of paper. As irony would have it, he was about to bet big on the right table before he was carried out.

Meanwhile, Bernadette and Penny find themselves helping Amy try on wedding dresses. She comes out in the most stunning wedding dress made for her. Penny states that she can’t purchase the first one she tries on. A bit later, she emerges from the dressing room in an even more beautiful dress. Her third try-on, though, is well made for Halloween. (Shall we say, Lady Gaga at MTV Music Awards anyone?) It’s a dress that both Bernadette and Penny hate. You just knew Amy is head-over-heels in love with it. Later, the duo discusses whether they should tell Amy that her dress is hideous. Penny advocates truth, but Bernadette thinks it’s smarter to die with the secret. In the end, Penny shares her feelings with Amy, who immediately gets mad. Can you blame a girl?

Although Penny is later able to apologize, Amy still feels like her dress is ruined. She doesn’t get her groove back until later when she’s trying it on again and Sheldon walks in from his unsuccessful Vegas trip and gasps.
“You look beautiful,” Sheldon says. “You look like a pile of swans.”

The Big Bang Theory (S11E22) ‘The Monetary Insufficiency’ Most Laughable Moments from Last Night’s Episode:

  • “Lady Gaga is the wife of Lord Gaga!” – (Boy, did I have a laugh with this one!)
  • Penny (Kaley Cuoco) suggests Sheldon (Jim Parsons) might have more luck in asking the university for a smaller amount of money, like $20 million. “I’m sorry, I’m trying to do science, not hire Lady Gaga to come to my birthday.”
  • “You look beautiful. Just like a pile of swans.” – Sheldon (Jim Parsons) telling Penny (Mayim Bialik) how she looked in her wedding dress.

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