The Originals (S05E02) “One Wrong Turn on Bourbon”

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Tonight’s episode was written by Carina Adly Mackenzie. It was directed by Carol Banker.

Is this really the HOLLA? Or something more diabolical?
I was watching last night, and something dawned on me. Is this really the HOLLA or something more diabolical? We are seeing the classical signs we saw last season so far, yes. There seems to be a much darker tone to everything. It is raining blood. This is something out of the Bible. Is Julie Plec and crew doing what they said they would last season? “Biblical Themes and Stephen King like storylines?” We saw the undertones of “Stephen King” last season. Are we getting the “Biblical themes” this season? I would say yes.
Séries Brasil #SDCC @SeriesBrazil
The fourth season is a combination of obscure biblical themes with some Stephen King. #SDCC #SDCC2016 #TheOriginals (We know now they must be picking up with this theme!)
“We wanted to shape it like a Stephen King novel this season and really draw from our favorite books, like It, and introduce this really dark presence that is controlling the supernatural community of New Orleans,” Plec explained.”

Interesting isn’t it? Again, I want to stress the SHOW created the most powerful supernatural being ever in Hope Mikaelson. I want to an explanation why she couldn’t kill this thing last season? Even if she was a child she could flick her hand and do damage every creature would fear. This does not make any sense.

Klope: You can’t help but love them.
You see so many similarities between them, Hope and Klaus. I say, “Father like daughter.” Hope likes to paint just like Klaus does. In fact, we are painfully reminded by seeing a portrait in FWB apartment.
“Did you learn my old tricks?” Klaus asks Hope
(Klaus tries to leave.)
You’ll never guess what happens next? Klaus comes back but not of his own volition. Hope does it! (Young Jedi’s powers have grown strong indeed.  What a girl wants. A girl gets.)
“In my experience father’s only cause pain. You were always such a sweet little girl. You were broken.” – Klaus tells Hope
“You can go now.” – Hope
(Snakes are slithering all around.)

It’s sad that Klaus came back under such dire circumstances. He never wanted to abandon his daughter. Klaus knew he was doing the right thing by being away. Keeping the HOLLA away from her. Elijah, Beks, and Kol all had to stay away from their beloved niece. This is not something they wanted to do. It was not a choice. It was a matter of keeping Hope and Hayley safe at all costs. I wonder if Hope forgets or even knows why she was named Hope. She was their families Hope. Her actions now are just adding more fuel to the fire. Who knew she’d be so much like Klaus? I bet this is scaring the hell out of her father. This was not what he expected. Who would dagger their own mother and put her in a coffin under a cloaking spell? All to get their father back. She is acting out in such a rebellious way.  So much like her Dad would.

“Sorry I interrupted your murder orgy. “– Hope to Klaus
“Maybe that little girl would be better off if she never loved you at all.” – Hope to Klaus
“I love you” – Klaus says
Klaus leaves in fear he is endangering his daughter from the HOLLA’S return to NOLA.

Heartbreaker/Troublemaker: Don’t you mess around with me.
Was it me, or did you know trouble was coming and her name started with a capital “H”? The apples certainly don’t fall from the tree in this family. Hope is Klaus’ protégé. She wants to start her own hybrid army. The question is for what exactly? We see a flashback of Young Hope (Summer Fontana) doing a spell. Meanwhile, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is ripping out a heart. We flash forward to present day. Freya (Riley Voelkel) talking to Klaus AND Hope senses her father was there! Klaus is no fool. He knows Hope has heightened senses. He exits before she could even catch a glimpse of him. The HOLLA will never be far behind him.
“I know you talked to Elijah. (Daniel Gillies) Then a few hours later, the rain turned red.” – Freya tells Klaus.

What did I hint to you about Biblical signs? (Signs. Signs. Everywhere there are signs. Where is the asteroid shooting from the sky?) We need another sign? I am sure will get one when Elijah returns. When then pan over and see Freya (Riley Voelkel) and Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) talking in town. Of course, Freya needs Vincent’s help in finding Hayley. (Phoebe Tonkin) Freya points over to who Ivy is…

You’ll never guess what happens next? The HOLLA voices start… (scary *sarcasm*) Apparently, Klaus got to close to Hope. You knew this was coming though. Josh (Stephen Krueger) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) show up with a whole gang of vampires. For who you ask? Henry the hybrid, that’s who! (Time to meet your maker.) Henry is protecting his sire.  Marcel knows what’s up. You know how fierce the sire/progeny bonds are. (cough) Hope. I am still a bit baffled that Hope would engineer the entire “I kidnapped my Mom” ordeal. We know she loves both her parents. She would do anything to reunite her entire family. There is something that is just not making sense to me. Maybe she started it, but something else/one got involved. I’m worried for Hayley, deeply. Worried. That coffin we see I believe was Hayley’s and Hope’s cloaking spell has been broken?

“If any other vampires ask about Hayley, Josh. It’s on Henry.” Marcel tells Josh.
Again, with Vincent talking about signs of plagues coming. “Hope Mikaelson might be strong enough to destroy this city. She might be strong enough to start a spark.” – Vincent
What exactly does he mean? Is Hope the demise or the resurrection of New Orleans?
The next thing we see is Freya and Klaus. They open a door. I imagine Freya unlocked the cloaking spell. “Hayley, Hayley.” All we see is an open and bloody coffin!
“Hope we went to the church to get your mother. She wasn’t there.” – Klaus
Freya can’t feel Hayley there. (Where is she then?) “Yet, she can feel magic here.” – Freya
Is that a sign of another witch present? What exactly is Freya sensing?

Thank God that was short-lived.
The introduction of the “FWB(Torrance Combs) was quite lacking. I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan. No disrespect to the actor. If he thought, he was going to confront Klaus without any repercussions. He’s crazy. I am Team Klaus all the way. His presence is equal to wallpaper. I have a question, what was up with his eyes turning that crazy color? (Did everyone catch that?) The first time Klaus tried to compel him, and it didn’t work. What happened?  “FWB” doesn’t know who he is talking too! Klaus is Hope’s father. “FWB” has no right telling him how to raise his daughter. You don’t worry. Klaus, “The Originals” family has your back. Finally, the second time he compelled him, it worked. (What gives?) Goodbye. I don’t get a good vibe from this character. He who was named after one of our favorite ex-writers. Miss you Declan DeBarra.

For the Twilight Tweens.
Why is God’s name would Hope to tell her name to a guy she doesn’t even know? (Telling him you’re a Mikaelson? Might as well wear an X marks the spot on your back!) I would not trust REJ. There is something about him, Hope. I can’t put my finger on it just yet. Trust me, girl. I am looking out for you. REJ needs to be invited into Hope’s house. Why are you doing this? She at least questions why he is there. “People in school want to know what happened to Henry. Why he killed himself.” – REJ to Hope
I loved the answer Hope gave him back at least. “I exploded an orphan Romanian princess with my brain.” (Huzzah!)

Honestly, REJ must have seen “Deathwish, 1, 2 and 3”. If he only knew who Hope’s father he’d be steering clear of her house. We all remember how protective he was over Beks? Just multiply that a million folds with Hope. I wanted to advise baby girl not to tell REJ her entire life story. She doesn’t even know him. I am not writing this rodeo. I did love the warning: “He will literally wear your spine as a necklace!” Hope talking about her Dad Klaus. This is what he will do to REJ if he finds him at their house.

Always and Forever: A Blessing or a Curse?
The boys are back in town. Well not really. Only Klaus. Elijah is not there. He’s in Manosque, France, playing at some jazz piano bar. The blood rain keeps falling, down… down… Kol is with Davina somewhere out there… The vampire covens aren’t happy with Marcel. They are intimidated by his super hybrid killing… “A few people are suggesting you can’t be the king of the vampires. Because a few drops of your blood can wipe everyone out.” – Josh tells Marcel (Really? Did he kill you? No.) Marcel senses Klaus in the alley. He goes out and meets him. Marcel fills him in. “Hayley is missing, and he needs his help.” Vincent wants his palm read by Ivy (Shiva Kalaiselvan). “When I ask you a question, I can taste the truth with your tongue.” – Ivy “If anyone can cause the destruction of NOLA, it could be Klaus Mikaelson?” Tarot cards go up in the air. Empresses card shows. (ANVIL) That means Hope! Before Hope Mikaelson was born. They are talking in French. The child will destroy the French Quarter. (Oh, this is not good! And all the tarot cards went up in flames. The bad tarots cards are showing.) “Hope Mikaelson will be our downfall.”
“My family sacrificed everything to save me. I don’t think I’m worth it anymore. I don’t think my Dad loves me anymore.” – Hope says to Uncle Marcel

Surely, kid you are worth so much more to your entire family than you realize. You redeemed your father. He went away to keep you safe. Your Uncle Elijah sacrificed his identity and life for you. Your Aunts and Uncles have gone to the ends of the earth to protect you. You’re worth it.
“I can’t be the whole reason your whole life is on hold.” – Freya to Keelin
“I can’t love you and my family at the same time.” – Freya to Keelin
Love is tragic and sometimes so full of sacrifices. We have witnessed it time and time again on this show. Hopefully, you gals will pull through stronger than ever before. Always and Forever.
As the show ends… We witness something.  Henry unbricking himself? Did Henry just escape? He hung himself from the school building? Can you believe this? I can’t either.

What is happening to our show?
I will speak on behalf of the fans who’ve been asking: Where is Hayley? (Phoebe Tonkin) There have been rumors, thanks to leaked tweets and pictures. That she could be dead. No one knows. The “dangling of this carrot” is absolutely madding for some fans. They want to know what is going on. Elijah and Hayley – Always and Forever.

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