Siren(S01E06) "Showdown"

This weeks episode was everything and more that I have been looking for regarding Siren. This week the episodes flowed nicely and even the ones that made me cringe at times were exciting to watch. The episode begins with Donna on yet again another desperate hunt for food and finds herself back at the seafood docks were Decker is present.

Onto the next scene of the episode we find Maddie, Ryn, and Ben all enjoying a rather..nice breakfast together. Ryn mimics human behavior and kisses Ben goodbye. Maddie seemed unbothered by it and assured Ben that he was not the only one who got a kiss. Ben on the other hand definitely looked like he felt something more than a simply kiss. I was kinda bummed to see this because I was rooting for RynxMaddie but now that it is evident that Ryn is just copying their actions it all makes sense.

Helen and Donna share their morning together as well. Helen is furious with Ryn’s actions and choices wanting to stay on land. I still want to know how Helen is able to stay on land for so long and how she has kept it a secret all this time. Was she born a mermaid was she turned? Hopefully we find this out before the seasons end in a few weeks.

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Ben has a talk with his father and brother regarding the future of fishing and doing in a more green and conservative way. Ted Pownall also invites Ben to attend his mother’s upcoming fundraiser to help mend her heart after hearing more negative feedback from a doctor about her paralysis.
Throughout the episode Ryn and Donna are in a constant battle with each other regarding the choice to stay on land and go back home to the water. This time it was not as physical as last weeks episode but there was still loads of tension between the both of them. Ryn tries to tell Donna that not all humans are bad. She is learning to differentiate between good and bad but Donna is not budging. Donna feels very betrayed throughout the episode. One question I did have as we got more scenes of the sisters talking is how come they have different accents? Come on I know I can’t be the only one.
Unbeknownst to Maddie and Ben Decker is now in Bristol Cove and is scoping on everything to find Donna. We later find out in the episode it is because Donna had sang to Decker like Ryn sang to Ben and the both are definitely hooked on them like a drug. Decker’s presence though is discovered by Chris when he recognizes him driving off. Xander is fixated on gathering more proof that mermaids exist and at the end of the episode after speaking with Decker finally sees Donna transform and has all the proof that he needs in his own that they do.

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Decker shows up at Ben’s mothers fundraiser and talks with Mrs. Pownall about his new discover and how the cells from this sea creature cured paralyzed rats. She then introduces Decker to Ben and he is furious. Ben wanted Decker to stay out of his personal life and to stop giving his mother false hope. Decker apologizes and the two bond over the fact that they are under some “spell” because of the Siren song. Ben offers Decker help in catching his mermaid if he calls of the military hunting in the ocean ut it was too late.

After Decker goes out into the woods looking for Donna he discovers not only Donna but also Ryn. He could not believe his eyes when he saw the two of them. Once Ryn realizes this was the man who hurt her sister she as well as Donna attacked him. They probably would have killed him but they are stopped once Maddie and Ben show up to the scene. They find out its too late to call off the boats and Donna runs off with Ryn and the sisters have another talk about humans. The entire episode Donna had been telling Ryn all of the bad things that humans do while Ryn had been trying to counteract them but at this point Ryn had enough.

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Behind the scenes the Bristol Cove police department are still on the look out for Ryn and Donna because that are wanted murders in the town. We find Ryn at the end of the docks almost questioning herself if she should or should not jump into the water after her sister but is stopped when the policewoman who had been hunting them down stops her at gun point.

What could happen next week? Tide will only tell..okay sorry. I have to stop with the water puns but I cannot kelp it! There I go again. Anyways. Catch Siren on Freeform Thursdays 8/7c. You won’t regret it.