The Americans (S06E05) “The Great Patriotic War”

In episode six we finally see Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (Keri Russell) relaxed with each other, talking and a little more than talking. The next day Elizabeth asks Philip for his help with Kimmy (Julia Garner), a young girl he has been working in order to get recordings from the office of her CIA father. He has been doing this since she was a teenager and doesn’t like Elizabeth’s idea of help at all. Kimmy will be in Greece so getting these recordings will be a problem while she’s gone. The end result of his “help” will be Kimmy in jail (in Bulgaria) and a little thing called blackmail. Daddy gives up the info that Elizabeth wants and Kimmy will go free. What could possibly go wrong?? 

Claudia (Margo Martindale) and Elizabeth teach Paige (Holly Taylor) the shot of olive oil trick  (it coats your stomach so you can drink more and be less drunk). This leads to the three ladies taking shots and talking sex and I have to say, a drunk Claudia is a fun Claudia!

Paige meets some people at a bar and has a good time… for a while. After some of the others leave she is left listening to a vulgar mouth and he’s a serious jerk. She goes to leave, clearly tired of hearing this guy and he grabs her. When I tell you she wipes the floor with this guy, I am not exaggerating. He gets one punch in, that’s about it.

After a botched attempt to take out the defector (that an FBI agent interrupts and sees her face), Elizabeth gets into the safe house he is staying in and she found this house by having Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich) followed. This defector is supposed to be alone, but his wife and child are also there, so she tries to go back out the window. Never that simple, her target sees her behind the door and she has to take him out anyway.. stabbing him right in the neck. Bad enough right? No… his wife walks in the kitchen and sees Elizabeth over is dead body and starts running. The highly trained Elizabeth catches her and stabs her in the back, takes her down, and cuts her throat. Thankfully their young child is watching tv and doesn’t see any of this.

Stan arrives at the scene and sees the child wrapped in a blanket, being taken out of the safe house. The look on Stan’s face is that of pure devastation. This may lead to a showdown between Stan and Elizabeth in the end.

Philip pays Paige a visit at her apartment after she has a nasty fight with Elizabeth (and he finds out about her sex life in the worst way possible for a father during that fight). He is trying to be supportive and ends up pissed. She basically implies that he is weak and she is being taught by the strong parent, her mother. He tells her that he wants to see what she has learned and she continues to act as if he can’t take what she can dish out. He definitely gets his point across, throwing her around the room some and putting her in a chokehold. Leaving her shaken, he says,“Not bad” while headed for the door.

After finding out that the defector and his wife were murdered in brutal fashion (from neighbor/FBI Agent Stan of all people), Philip is visibly shaken. See, he knows that Elizabeth did this, leaving the young child to find his bloody and very dead parents. This upset him enough to call Kimmy (who he finally slept with) and break things off with her via phone. This means that he will not be helping Elizabeth with her task of setting poor Kimmy up, but he doesn’t stop there. He actually warns her not to go to a communist country with anyone…. BOOM mission over! Careful Philip, this could be considered betraying your country.