Chicago Fire (S06E20) "The Strongest Among Us"

Hi, I’m a bit late with my review.

I was a bit sick..But I feel better now.

But oh well, it’s here. Enjoy.

This episode is magical.. I just couldn’t stoping awing at Casey and Dawson.

Kidd and Odis’s fight for the truck. While Herrmann and Mouch, kept choosing Odis to drive the truck.

Casey told them to see who’s the better driver. Kidd really did a good thing. Letting Odis drive again, that was sweet of her.

Bowden and Severide saving the girl at the beginning. Damn, I was scared as hell. I thought she for sure died.

But she survived it like a champion. Making Bowden remember that his job is better then a promotion.

Were he might get stuck behind a desk. No action or whatsoever. Chris is absolutely scheming something.

What it is..we might find out soon. I just hope, that he’s not going to ruin firehouse 51.
Dawson, and the girl. She’s like a mum to her. That side of Gabby, makes me want to see her and Matt having kids asap.
She helped the girl, get ready for prom. They were such a cute couple. I absolutely adored them.
When Bowden and Severide got the money. My first thought was the guy from earlier. Who’s daughter they saved.

Plus I thought of Bowdrn buying his boat. Seemed like he already did it. I’m sure he, Severide and Casey will enjoy it in the summer.

Herrman and Mouch’s advice. These two combined, make me laugh so hard. Dawson got annoyed because of them.
On the other hand, we have Cruz. Who’s struggling, he meets up with an old flame. She immediately, get’s touchy feely with him.
Which I found disgusting. You’re a married women..stop it. Oh well, Cruz was happy. But he doesn’t deserve this crap.
Brett gives him some advice. But she slips some of her feelings into it. If these two get back together, I’m done.

Because I have been waiting a long time for this. They were so cute at the beginning. But then Brett got tired of him.

I geuss she finally woke up. She saw that he’s the better man. Even though I also loved her with Antonio Dawson, Gabby’s brother.
At the end the girl went to prom, Kidd drove them with the truck. One last ride, in a while. Cruz skipped his old flame.
While Dawson told Casey, that she wants to try again. YES!!! Finally, a Casey and Dawson baby


Well that’s it for this week’s episode. See you in the next one.

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