Imposters (S02E04) “Andiamo”

What a fitting title: let’s go. And it is time to go; time for our favorite imposters to stop running and save Ezra’s family. But getting back to the U.S. won’t be an easy task but one task that must be executed.

I’m glad it is time to go back because that feeling of chase was wearing off. And this episode, in particular, was more like a step towards one entertaining episode that’s about to come.

See, all the pieces are starting to move on our favorite trio plus Maddie is officially on the run. So, what this episode got right was the setting for what’s to come. Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad episode, it wasn’t at the same level of last week’s episode (that’s for sure). For that’s the game we are in, rooting for this con artists, and the game isn’t always all action.

What was fun was realizing that Maddie selects people from her surroundings to copy thus she imitates from life.What we learn on this episode was that she mold one identity so that Richard would fell in love with her and that identity was Jules’ sister.
So, andiamo isn’t only let’s go but the actual realization that there is always something that will remind them of Maddie and that the fact that they met her means, probably, that they will never let go.