MacGyver (S02E22) "UFO + Area 51"

With only one episode left in the season, the story is building towards a huge reveal. The tensions are running high and something is going to give. This just may change the dynamics we have grown accustomed to, it’s sure to impact every character significantly.

It’s all work and no play for the team, although this episode sends them to the desert’s of Nevada. You can’t help but think that something alien is at play, especially when Riley (Tristin Mays) and MacGyver (Lucas Till) are given a bumped up clearance in order to help identify an object that came hurtling down to earth. Things are about to get weird.

Being a technical mission, Jack (George Eads) is left behind. It’s the perfect time for Matty (Meredith Eaton) to confront him about his past transgressions, namely breaking into her home and going through some top secret information. Nothing seems to get past her, she always knows. The confrontation was bound to happen, and it is emotionally charged on both sides. They have MacGyver’s best interests at heart, but sometimes the bigger picture needs to be put in the background. This will surely bring about a significant change.

MacGyver and Riley have been paired with a gruff scientist, Dr. Herman (Arye Gross), who is set in his ways and refuses to take either of them seriously. Until a rapid series of unfortunate events make them work together, their survival depends on it. The sphere belongs to some nasty people, who will do anything to get it back. This brings some intense moments to the episode, but with MacGyver on the job, they are always one step ahead.

Against all odds, the team always seem to pull through whatever calamity has been stacked against them. Even when MacGyver and Riley find themselves at Area 51, with a very injured Dr. Herman. It’s desolate and deserted, aside from two soldiers. They are on their own and out numbered, good thing MacGyver has a “can do” attitude and the smarts to get them out of another dangerous ordeal. He is certainly someone you want on your side in a crisis.

Don’t worry, Jack gets in on the action and fulfills a life long dream to explore the infamous Area 51 grounds. Perhaps next time they won’t leave the muscle behind.

After another job well done, there is something hanging in the balance. With the new found knowledge of MacGyver’s father, after some digging from Riley and her higher clearance, it will change everything. When once seemed lost, there is a glimmer of hope once more for the never-ending search. This will either break them apart, or bring them closer together.

The greater good? We will soon find out.

The next episode is the season finale, anything can happen.

You can catch the season two finale on Friday, May 4th on CBS at 8/7c. 

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review.