The Arrangement (S02E08) ‘Paso Robles’

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Tonight’s episode was written by Roger Allen Grant. It was directed by Janice Cooke Leonard. I just want to say one thing. This episode was beyond any of my expectations. It was the best so far yet of Season 2.

A man should know his limitation’s. It’s obvious to me that neither Kyle nor Terence do not.
The whole ordeal of Megan’s (Christina Evangelista) “sham” bachelorette party to seek out Julie Woolth was indeed risky.  Who follows your social media pictures at your bachelorette party? Certainly, Megan would not do the same.  That alone was just creepy to me. Kyle, get a life. Stop stalking Megan. When Kyle (Josh Henderson) called Megan on the phone at her party from Josh’s burner phone. You knew he suspected something. (OH BOY! He sure did! Kyle was unsure who exactly he was dialing back… He was in for a surprise.) The simple fact that Megan thinking she couldn’t get caught indeed was quite stupid. Terence (Michael Vartan) is the master of controlling everything and everyone. (Remember “I got no strings on me.”) The puppet master has taught the student well. Zach (Kyle Toi) implanting himself into this plan by telling Megan where to find Julie was the right thing to do. Is it that he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t help her.

By doing this, Zach put himself in serious jeopardy though. In fact, Zach is what I’d like to call a master storyteller. He covered up the alibi of his “phone call” with Megan quickly. “Who’s Julie?” – Kyle comes like a ninja out of nowhere… “My drug dealer, her name is Julie. I’m using again.” (My heart was beating so fast. All I kept thinking has Kyle heard everything. You’re caught, Zach.) We see Terence and Kyle discussing Zach and if he knew who Julie really was. “She is a real liability.” (Sounds like to me they are going to “be taking care of business.”) I must give Zach (Kyle Toi) mad props for warning Kyle. You see, Kyle tried to get Zach to admit what happened. “Just keep him away from Megan.” Kyle backed off immediately. I wonder if Terence noticed.

Anyone else, notice that Megan wasn’t drinking alcohol at her own bachelorette party? You know that could be a sign of pregnancy. Why else wouldn’t she be drinking? Tessa (Brea Grant) and Shaun (Carra Patterson) were partying like rock stars. Instead, Megan prefers to get a hot stone massage. The only thing I’m still trying to figure out is why Megan and Shaun would bring Tessa their plans? The ladies to go see Julie Woolth. I feel this was a coached and rehearsed meeting. Julie is talking about how “Wonderful IHM was. You find a new purpose. Yada. Yada. Yada.” (The entire conversation was very Stepford Wives. GIRL, you are lying through your teeth.) I am wondering if Julie is drugged like Lisbeth is drugged? You are starting to see a pattern here… They all start sounding alike after awhile. The plot and show in itself are utterly addicting. Who’s kidnapping who? Who’s lying to who? Who’s backstabbing who? The endless treachery never ends. Megan was kidnapped by these people. She just can’t let it go. So, she is going to “BURN IT ALL DOWN.” The phone rings. Kyle is talking to Megan. “I actually caught Zach talking to someone on a burner phone. I got to get some answers. I’m going to the facility to get some.”

In which Megan hastily responds to herself. “OH! NO! This whole thing is going to blow up in our faces.” #ANVIL

Shaun, who I think Megan can no longer trust says. “Calm down Megan.” (To which I say, mind your damn business!) 

What did I tell you about Kyle?
We find out who Aaron is finally. Oh, My Gawd! Let me tell you Dark Kyle came out to play for this one. Aaron lives with Julie Woolth. He is in a wheelchair. Let me just say Kyle was responsible for all of this. Kyle and Aaron were trying out for the same part in a movie. Aaron got the part and Kyle didn’t. Threats and Ultimatums were made… (One thing leads to another and Dark Kyle reared his ugly head.) He wasn’t happy that Aaron got the part he was going for… He punished him for it, severely. Let’s just say Kyle beat him into being crippled. Now Kyle pays money every month to keep him quiet. (Hush money). Megan, is this the man you want to spend the rest of our life with? I would think of a way of getting out of this contract. Minds were blown tonight. That was a huge revelation.

Betrayals to come.
If anyone denies that Shaun isn’t in love with Terence. They need to sit down. We saw her looking quite upset at the beginning of the show. She needs to choose a side. Is it Team Megan or Team Terence?

So, when she said, “I’m not here to destroy Terence.” – Shaun

I had to do a double-take. Okay, girl, we knew it. You just confirmed it. Megan needs to just find out before it’s too late. When you’re messing with fire, you will get burned.

We should have figured it out, sooner or later she’d show up, Detective Gaffney. She was the sleaze detective that blackmailed Kyle in S1. Remember? He had to sleep with her or else. Terence was in on it. (He has the tape!) I feel bad in a way for Kyle. This was something he didn’t want to do. It was more of “YOU HAVE TOO”.  Be prepared my Arrangers for something to pop up with “blackmail, deceit or something worse before the Kygan wedding.” I just have a hunch.

My favorite DeAnn (Lexa Doig)! “He is still not our child!” – DeAnn
“He can drift through life or we can give him a future.” – Terence #ANVIL

I suspected this was regarding Wes. DeAnn wants to love and protect him. As usual, Terence wants to control him. DeAnn will not have any of that. I must give all the respect to DeAnn for winning this round against Terence. Wes got that role. Score Team DeAnn. I was reading a comment made by the creator Jonathan Abrahams. Regarding Terence, DeAnn, Wes, and Kyle. Insecurities and, gears turning. You could see how Terence and DeAnn work. How they try to manipulate the ones they love. Terence does it for his own personal gains. While DeAnn is a bit craftier, she is motherly and wants Zach to be a better human being.

Nightmares and Premonitions.
There is something deeply wrong with Kyle. His ID and Superego are clashing when he dreams at night. Or shall I say, he’s having nightmares and premonitions?  There is something going on in that head of his that he dreams his fiancée is out to kill him. Someone is in the house. Shadows running in the dark… He wakes up from his nightmare. “Someone’s trying to kill me. “— It’s Megan. She is laying right beside you. Why is Kyle still doing therapy sessions with Terence?

“You’re feeling betrayed by someone close to you. – Terence says to Kyle

Terence knows who is betraying Kyle? He knows the intruder coming into Kyle’s house? (Oh, yeah, it’s you, Terence.)
Again, Kyle hears Terence in his head! “You might live freely and without fear.” Then Kyle sees Megan stabbing him. Megan’s home for real now? Kyle is dreaming. Megan stabbed him again. This is getting crazy. “You went to find Julie. That was what the whole trip was about!” – Kyle
“I have to act like everything is normal. Till I figure out what to do.” – Megan

My Closing Thoughts:,  DiMera, Syndey? Megan used this alias out of a soap opera. ‘Days of our Lives’. A character on that show has that name! One of EJ (James Scott) and Samantha DiMera’s (Alison Sweeney) twin daughters. It was a cleverly thought out cover name for Megan Morrison. Is she, or isn’t she? Megan pregnant? Not drinking alcohol, the night of your bachelorette party, is like saying I’m going to Disneyland and not going on any rides. (We are not buying this!) I suspect contracts that are made can be broken? Will they be? (Bombs keep on dropping like these? Who knows?) The drama,  love, “It’s complicated”, murder, mystery, and mayhem are about to get kicked up and much more! Buckle up, my Arrangers!

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