Bull (S02E20) "Reckless"

The former Mrs Bull is getting married! Although perhaps stinging, that’s not the crux of Bull’s problems, in this episode. His team isn’t fully on board with the case. They don’t…believe 

They’re “concerned” to put it kindly. Even ol’cool, quite Benny, yells…at Bull!  His behavior is odd & unconcentrated, as of late. The entire team feels it, sees it. He’s “Reckless”

Rosenberg, (Victor Williams) AUSA is at a crime scene. The Johnson’s have been burned & stabbed to death. Mrs Johnson raped.  Their Silver Ford Explorer is missing An APB is issued. Their 12 yr old daughter, Emma wasn’t home.  

Later, a vehicle meeting the Explorer’s description is pulled over.  Music is blasting, it appears the young man driving  cannot hear the sirens or see tbe flashing lights. But he finally stops.

Command: No sudden moves. He’ s surrounded; guns cocked. Elliot Miles (Frank De Julio) gives ID & his card. He is mute. They call it in.
Benny meets Bull in a bar, with the good news. His sister is getting married, Bull’s former. No mo’alimony & spousal rent. You happy? “Yay!” Right?  

Benny’s with the girl Abbi (Grace Fisher) from the Thanksgiving (S01E09) Glad to see he’s getting out. 💏  He returns to her company, leaving Bull, who is quiet. He takes another drink. Later, Marissa gets a call. She’ s asleep, but Bull’s in jail and…

…throwing up. Elliot is his cell mate. He gives him a gum & doesn’t want his hanky back. Ewww. 😷 Bull gives his card.
Criminal mischief …vending machine abuse. He kicked it till it busted. Marissa is worried about him. He’s living in his head.  Sleeping in his office & his clothes don’t fit. #fat He goes to see Elliot.  He’s all over the news!

Elliot’s charged with Capital One Murder. Death row. Dead Man Walking. Did you do it? His head shakes “”no” Good answer. 
The team is meeting. Benny ain’t happy to represent. Elliot bought the car; money for keys, standing at a bus stop. Weak alibi with the girlfriend, but establishes time. Theoretically, he could have done it.  Descension is in the ranks!

🎶”Pick Up the Pieces” AWB is playing, background. 😎 Bull enters in a new suit, shaved & looking fine! He looks slimmer, too.  Great!  👍
Bull  tries to sell his team on the innocence of their new client.  They’re all hesitant. Overwhelming evidence, says “he done it!” Yet Bull is adamant. He gave him his hanky, a piece of gum & a smile, after all. Genuine Kindness! Benny ain’t happy. 

And Benny gets extra pissed when Bull dismisses everybody in Voir Dire. He yells. He’s fed up! He feels this case…and cause is a loser.  They’re over their heads!

Marissa tries therapy.
Chunk meets Lily Galloway. (Reyna De Courey) The alibi & girlfriend. She hesitates. And she’s not his girlfriend…really.. They just live together & sleep together. He makes good money, ok?!  

Mrs O’Neil, (Amy Staats) a neighbor, is damaging. She claims to have seen Elliot leave the crime scene, driving away in the Explorer! #Eyewitness

It’s like “The Fugitive” the guy Elliot saw, has a limp instead of one arm. Smdh Just take the bus to the prison now & hope for a train wreck; then run!

Bull goes to see the ex. “Izzy” (Yara Martinez) She calls him fat. It’ s a nice closure. She also thinks he shouldn’t be alone.  I agree. JP Nunnelly works for me #elizadushka 

Lily testifys & tries to throw Elliot under the bus…then ROSENBERG! Apparently he made promises of protection if she would tell her story a little bit differently! Benny’s request for a mistrial is denied.

Judge Rogers (Stephanie Ittelson) was very good at her job. Didn’t appear to be swayed by either side. But, “you never know!” 
Everything is being thrown at this young  man, yet he continues to, “Give Thanks” and show appreciation! It’s refreshing AND one of the best cases this season. “Who done it?!”

How in the world, will Bull get this kid outta this ala Perry Mason or Matlock?! I’m on the edge of my seat and then…
Oh.My.God! it’s “to be continued” 😅 Ya’got me!

 A🎖 Gold Medal & Mos’excellent episode…not called part 1

Bull airs Tuesday’s @9:00 p.m. PacificTime on CBS 👁 
Writers: Glenn Gordon Caron. Veronica West & Sarah Kuscerka 👏