Family Guy (S16E17) "Switch the Flip"

Stewart’s back like Dr. Frankenstein, Einstein and the mechanical genius of Seth Brundle #thefly…with just as much human error! #lawnmowerman

It’s “Who’s On First” “Look Who’s Talking” 1, 2, 3 & Urkle’s “Did I Say That?”  Honorable mention, #Big #FreakyFriday & #13goingon30
It’s an episode of people and technology; a bad match, as Stephen Hawking #Rest in Peace warns, but that’s another story.
And so it begins with the family getting an “Alexa”  “Ask Google” an “Echo” … regardless & whatever, they’re calling it “Brandee”, Artifical Intelligence #AI  #echodot assistant

Brandee answers even when it’s not spoken to; creepy. It speaks based on your conversation, although you’re not talking to…”it”  It downloads Yoko Ono and it won’t stop. #YokoOno. all day

#Sethcarpet: Aretha 🎤🎶Franklin has a record of the biggest poo in 1998. And I don’t recall why this was shared #tmi
Brian takes Brandee on a date to the movies. Then Brandee is repo’d when Brian bends…breaks his credit card; cause he buys everything Brandee tells him too! #debt

‘Feeling like a loser & a pathetic jerk, Stewie attempts to help his friend by creating a transporter. A machine that will “fix” Brian, when  he and Brian do an old switcheroo. #brundle And like #thefly everything goes wrong that can at the worst possible moment  #murphyslaw
And so, like the Brundle machine it appears to work. And Stewie as Brian, has no complaints, as he looks between his legs. Ewww. 😝 #dogpenis 

Brian, almost falling backward, can’t hold Stewie’s wide ass head & must learn to balance just to stand up. #bighead
“Brian” gets a job at the U. He sucks as a Ptofessor. He goes for a drink @ the bar #milk? ‘Gets picked up by a druggie, white prostitute & gets chased by her black jeweled pimp. Daunted & discouraged he wants to change back. #fail #bathroom sex

And so, they get in place, ready to switch. The machine is humming, doing it’s thing, when Peter & Chris roll into the room, fighting.  They roll into the machine #boom switched bodies x4! Stewie-Peter, Peter-Stewie, Chris-Brian, Brian Chris who looks between his legs & has no complaints  “😷😝

Further complications occur, when Lois books a weekend with a sex therapist Stewie as Peter is terrified #ewww He’ll have to visit his first apartment #womb & do his mom! 

On the way to the rescue are Peter, Brian & Chris, not in their own bodies. #whostalking?They’re delayed when they’re  rear ended by the prositute and pimp. Just because Stewie ran, he still owes $100!

Through the city is a mad car chase. The Griffins get away, yet hit an electrical power pole. The charge ignites the Brundle and it releases thru the pole wires, currents that case the entire Quaghog population to swutch with whomever tbey’re standing next too! Well everybody except Meg😔  #notfound

Some are too disgusting to share here #quagmire & a #gerbil. #giggity Some just right👌 Ida Quagmire & Jerome. She looks in her plants and concludes, she’ll have to use a saw next time! #transgender 

Back at the ranch #retreat  Lois is salivating & approaching a cowering in the corner Stewie-Peter. She’s also naked!
Stewie’s shook & tries giving instructions to a fat fingered Brian-Chris to repair the Brundle. But his 🐾 dog paws cant’t grasp the wires! And that was surprisingly difficult to script!  😆

They grab Peter-Stewie and with his small fingers “git er’done” And so Peter eagerly steps into his husbandly duties…right on time. The switch being complete, all is well.

Laying in the bed, basking in the after glow, Peter talks with a voice that’s…Brian! 🐶Lois apparently, has no complaints. #eww

Not one of my favorite episodes. Score= 3 fat guys & a  🐶

Family Guy airs, Sundays, @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific  Time on Fox 🦊