Fear The Walking Dead (S04E03) "Good Out Here"

Shocked about this episode’s outcome.


Many died in the past three season, and is common thing for a show like this. But I must say, I wasn’t expecting this death at all, at least not so early.

Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) said goodbye in last night’s episode. Yes guys, the first Clark has fallen. For those who might be angry or sad about it, take note that Dillane asked for his departure on the show. So this wasn’t something planned (at least not at this time of the story) even if it was well written. Still, it felt like it wasn’t something planned.

Even tho Frank wanted to leave the show and that is the main reason of as to why his character died. We wont be able to see Nick’s development. He was quite a character, complex and sometimes unpredictable. He started off as a junky just trying to get more drugs wherever he went, to later become a defender of his family.

Mostly I think his death was well handled. It was quick and tragic, but still to early to have him killed.

Nick’s death will play a big part on Alicia’s character.

In some interviews Alycia hinted that her character will go full mental this season, now I see one of the main reasons. And for Madison, we still don’t know if she is death or alive. This back and forth betweent the present and the past leave us with lots of questions. I think it is well played by the writters, they keep the essence of FearTWD but change every season a little to keep adding more drama.

Now let’s talk about the episode’s scenes.

Remember in last episode, Nick, Alicia, Strand and Lucia took hostage Al, John and Morgan. While they were driving in the truck, Althea gets to grabs Nick holding a knife to his throat. So now the positions are inverse.

After crashing the truck and falling to the side of the road, as a result of the mini battled when Al attacked Nick, they tried to put back the truck on the road but is impossible. So Luciana comments that she saw some vehicles on the road that could help. In a act of good faith, as it calls it Strand, they let go all of them except for Nick. Of course they argue, but Al makes it clear she is not seeking revenge, she only wants her truck back and their stories.

We have some nice interactions here and there between the old and new characters.

Like John asking Luciana about her and Nick and if she loved him when she left the first time. Maybe he is thinking about her love too.

Also a new duo I’d like to see working together in the future scenes, Alycia and Althea. Both badass. I think Al recognizes that Alicia is not just a teenager, she sees her capatiblity when the younger Clark goes all by herself against the walkers surrounding the truck in order to hook the cable and pull it back on the road.

Back to Nick, he is left alone with Morgan, how frees him almost immediately. He watches Morgan’s interview while he is outside practicing with his stick. Those scenes were very enjoyable, I like the chemistry and potential development they’d could had, given that they are completely different characters. It would’ve been great to see that progression, sadly it wont be the case.
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Nick is able to scape. He makes it a little far before is attacked by walkers and is saved by Morgan, this dude is everywhere. Later when they are coming back, Nick finds Charlie’s protector. From a few flash backs, we see he hates this guy for some reason, not sure why exactly tho, we might find out in the future. Nick tries to kill him, even when Morgan tries stopping him with his “killing him wont work the way he thinks” and “all lives matter”, anyways after some struggle Nick ends the Vulture’s life in a very painful death.

Which makes this episode more emotional, is the few flashbacks with Nick and Madison leaving the baseball stadium to find more food and supplies. They had a nice conversation in which Madi tells him that she tries to look for the positive side of things every time she goes outside. They got to a nice point on their relationship, were they seem to be on the same page.
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We still don’t know for sure, the writers are doing a great job this season. But this flashback scenes might hint that Madi is dead as well. Maybe that’s the reason as to why Nick wanted to kill that Vulture guy.

After killing the vulture, Nick goes to read Morgan’s book about “The Art of Peace”, leaving him behind. With an unexpected turn on events, we heard a shot and Nick’s face reflects pain, the camera then shows Charlie standing in front of him holding the gun that later will end his life. Charlie is definitely the new most hated child, even more than Lizzie (The Walking Dead reference).db vx4cwaaaig07 - Fear The Walking Dead (S04E03) "Good Out Here"
Alicia, Luciana and Strand get there too late, just to see Nick agonizing after the shot. This scene broke my heart into peaces. Seeing all three unable to do something to save him. Alicia’s acting was perfect, she really made me feel her pain through her acting.
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And we still don’t know where or what happened to Madison?
Thank you Frank for portraying this complex character, we will miss you for sure!
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