Supergirl(S03E16): "Of Two Minds"

Okay guys this episode literally bring us closer to the end of the world, what will happen next? I mean the series has been renewed so we all know that the show is safe from annihilation from the world killers. But lets get to the review!

So this episode we had our debut of evil world killer Dr. Grace Parker aka Pestilence (Angela Zhou) and with her debut came death! Destruction! And vengeance?!?! Yes people you heard it right, vengeance but not from Pestilence; the vengeance part comes from Imra (Amy Jackson) who I hated this episode, she was on a war path trying to kill Pestilence this episode. But because of this episode it’s hard for me to trust Imra from now on. Cause she forced Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) to doubt herself, doubt what she believes. If these heroes can’t join and actually help each other then why is the Legion even there? I literally hated Imra this whole episode, even when she asked for forgiveness to Supergirl I still hate her for what she tried doing.

Now that we have Pestilence in play, makes you wonder what exactly are these three world killers going to do to the world? Sure we know Pestilence is going to make the world sick with plague and disease; Purity (Krys Marshall) is probably going to use that sonic cry; and Reign (Odette Annable) will bring the hell, but you know Supergirl has to do something to stop them. But I’m getting ahead of myself!

So we finally saw what the disease or illness or whatever it was that Pestilence did to the people population can do. And just like how Imra and Mon-El (Chris Wood) have been saying to Supergirl, one day Pestilence becomes the Blight an evil disease that destroys worlds mass graves everywhere. But sometimes you can’t change the future by changing the past. In order to save the future you have to play by the rules thats how Supergirl has always seen things.

When Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Win (Jeremy Jordan) get sick, Supergirl jumps into action to stop Pestilence, to bring her down with words instead of fight. And speaking of Winn, this episode literally gave us a heart to heart bro moment with Winn and Jimmy (Mehcad Brooks) when Winn thought he was going to die. This episode really broke our hearts because of that scene. But because Imra is from the future and knows best she went against Supergirl’s wishes and tried killing her with a death dart. But thanks to Purity, little Pestilence became immune to the death dart and regained her health.

Then we come to Reign and Samantha, which the scenes between them in that parallel dimension was interesting. I wonder if it was that way with Purity and Pestilence before they accepted that they were forever going to be the destroyer of worlds oh wait wrong universe for that title, see what I did there? When it finally came to that moment for all three world killers to join together, Samantha became no more and there was only Reign. Now we will be seeing plans for Supergirl to try to stop all three world killers next episode! And we are not even near the season finale yet, so we know whatever kind of plan it is is probably going to fail but we will find out next week on and all new episode of Supergirl!

Next Episode: Supergirl(S03E17): “Trinity” airs Monday May 7, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW