The Resident (S01E12) "Rude Awakenings and The Raptor"

This show just keeps getting better and better. BIG SPOILERS AHEAD.

We left off last week with nurse Nic (Emily VanCamp) being fired because sthe hospital staff believes that she killed Lily. After that bombshell, we thought it couldn’t get any worse. We were wrong because evil Dr. Bell actually became the CEO of the hospital.

Fast forward to today’s episode. We start with Conrad (Matt Czuchry) staring at Dr. Bell because he’s obviously angry about Nic being wrongfully accused of murder and fired. During one of the first CEO meetings, Dr. Bell is just about to gloat about being head of the hospital when Dr. Bradley Jenkins falls through the ceiling. He is obviously hurt and Conrad rushes in there to his attention. They are about to take him to the OR when they realize that his right eye is blown. They then decide to figure out why he fell through it in the first place. Conrad thinks it was a suicide attempt while Devon thinks he just fell.

While all this is going on at the hospital, Nic decides to take it upon herself to talk to Lane Hunter. She assures Lane that she has information on her and attempts to intimidate her. Hunter then goes back to Dr. Bell and helps him with lying about what happened with Bradley. He then decides to say that Bradley has a mental illness. Devon however is not buying it.

Nic finds out that Lane got other doctors and nurses fired. She tracks down one doctor, Anthony and tells him that she got her fired as well. He told Nic, that he was loyal and all he did was ask questions, he was then accused of self prescribing and let go. Nic asks him if he ever told anyone about it. He tells Nic to run from Lane because that’s all they can. It seems that everyone that comes into contact with Lane is either by her side or an enemy. While driving Nic realizes that a car is following her (creepy right?).

Dr. Okafur (Shaunette Renee Wilson) is usually right under Dr. Bell and he gives her surgeries but instead he makes her deal with Dr. Austin (Malcom Jamal Warner). They tend to a man who broke his male genitalia.

Conrad and Devon continue to figure out why Bradley fell through the ceiling. They talk to his parents and they explain that he has been overworked. Dr. Okafur tells his parents that he will be alright. Dr. Austin becomes frightening in the OR and begins screaming at the whole team. Dr. Okafur then lets him know she isn’t afraid of him (you go girl!). After a successful surgery, Dr. Austin intimidates the patient by showing him pictures of his cats.

Nic comes home to a man on her front stoop that gives her free groceries. She runs in the house terrified. It’s almost like he was sending a message that he knows where she lives. Bradley wakes up and tells the team of doctors that he was just overworked. Conrad asks him what he really wants to do and he tells him that he doesn’t know. He then tells them “I thought about it all the time, not falling through the skyline but I thought about stepping off that rooftop”. They tell him to follow his dreams and find something that he really loves. Bradley then says he won’t miss it but he will definitely miss them.

Dr. Bell offers Dr. Austin a job at the hospital and he declines. Knowing that he is desperate, Bell says that he knows a great surgeon when he sees one. Dr. Austin then accepts the job and says he wants Dr. Okafur to be his right hand. Conrad goes to a frightened Nic’s house and tells him that Lane has something else to hide. Meanwhile this guy is outside taking pictures of them.
So many questions for next episode. Will Nic get hurt from the hands of Lane or will she take her down? Will Conrad be able to help her? Someone please tell me that Bell and Lane get caught. We will see on next week’s season finale.