Empire (S04E15) "Lean and Hungry Look"

Although I’ve often thought of the Shakespearean tragedy, “King Lear” when speaking of The Lyon’s, their Empire and eternal quest for power; tonight we’re on the Julius Caesar hype with a Lucious kinda caution. A Cassius, “lean and hungry look”  Greed & consequences. 
However, on Empire Cassius could be anybody! Lucious himself, even! It simply depends on who you’re talking to! And so tonight on Empire ..#beware

Lucious walks Cook into a room, where a beautiful Aquatic something is moving to music. It’s a prototype of his synthesised moods-colors-music thing, that is specific to his music’s unique-ness.

Lucious wants to create a room of sound, of beautiful music & colors that he sees when he hears music. It’s a “House of Empire” enter here. They also had a cute moment of quasi flirting;  he’s “not getting into her drawers” He says, “yet” Very cute. #coocious 

The board gives Cook a “Welcome Back” party. All the boys are there. Even Andre. All is well but they miss Eddie & give pause. He resigned so abruptly.

Lucious distracts by proclaiming “House Empire” aforementioned is “The Next” It appears to keep the Board quiet for a minute. Andre is charged with making it happen with the Board. 😊 #acceptance

 ‘Keem & Blake go “mano-mano” in the recording studio. Lucious likes the competive vibe. He & Shine work on the boy’s beat, together. They roll up their sleeves; showing em how it’s done!  #olschool

Tiana is doing radio promos; 30 or more. She’s devastated that Eddie is gone, throws shade.  Cooks shuts her down, then makes promises. Tiana’s look is pacifying. ✋#talktothehand She looks older today. Not looking good on her. #aged #stressed

Cookie meets with Maya. Still got attitude. Elizabeth is her mom, not Poundcake! Leave.Me.Alone! ✋#talktothehand ✋ She returns the “Love Letter” from her mama.

Jamal has a pep talk with The Collective. They vow to be One in all things. Becky shows up. Promising not to tell, he’s not working on 20/20. He owes her. ‘Don’t like her hair bunned. #pulledup

Cookie & Thirsty come to the studio. Shine easedrops. Eddie wants, $10M or he’ll expose Lyon accounting practices. Shine is sympathetic. He supports Lucious in “punting that guy” 🏃 #metoo

Shine does a free style, cause Lucious asked. It’ s recorded💿🎤  ummm🤔 They talk of “back in the day” #philly & “Dropping Wisdom on that Wax”  He was good; though an acquired taste. They agree to meet Eddie at a private hanger to “pay him off” #teamwork

Back at Empire., Andre is trying to reach Board member, Leonard. He finds him walking down the street, ducking & dodging. Confronted,  Leonard speaks, “off the record” the Board is concerned about Eddie’s sudden departure. #rutroh. Yes.  He’s giving Andre “the brush” & scurries away.

Cookie has a flashback.  Poundcake took the fall when “Bo” the rapist & Poundcake’s baby daddy, set her up with a drug plant. ‘Cake went to solitaire. Cook went home. #friendindeed She owes her. Indeed!

The show took these kind of twist and turns through out. Although it seemed aimless and filler, it wasn’t.  There was a pay out:
Cookie tells the tale of ‘Cake’s sacrifice & convinces Maya. Maya reads her love letter to her mom.  ‘Cake is in her final hour. She closes her eyes. They cry 

Lucious & Shine decide on “The Philly Treatment” something from their youth. #kill #bangyou’redead. He goes along to support, not knowing the plan. Rides shotgun

Anika AND Tiana are talking up Eddie @ the Board’s meeting. Sans The Lyons. But like “The Invisible Man”  Andre is looking thru the glass darkly, at ALL that’s transpiring.

At the hanger, there’s a show down. Lucious and Shine draw. 🔫 Not on Eddie!  Each Other! What?!

Lucious found out Shine’s role in the car bomb. Shine looks heavier by the way thick; good living…until a Lucious minion shoots him in the back, several times! Shine is dead! What?! 😲 Never saw that coming! What a waste. Shoulda been EDDIE! Maybe next time #fingerscrossed

And I’ll never find out what happened to Nessa, nor Freda Gatz, now! #Bre-Z #sierramcclain Shine is dead! Smdh 
Finally, Cookie witnessing a mother’s love & feeling sentimental, rings a doorbell. A woman answers, “Hey Mama!” Yes! #alfrewoodward 👊

A♩♩♩♩ 4 note episode. Saved by the bell. Door bell!  

Empire airs, Wednesdays @ 8:00 p.m Pacific Time on Fox