Real Housewives of New York (S10E04) “War and P.O.S.”

The fued between Dorinda and Sonja exploded, and the wives take sides as Dorinda spreads far and wide the news of what happened at the now infamous brunch.  Do you think Dorinda over reacted or practiced that explosion?  Twitter has definitely taken sides on the widows vs. divorcee’s of the Upper East Side.  And the drama was only just getting started this episode.

Dorinda explains that one is a choice, one is a tragedy.  She also drops the bomb that Sonja cheated on her ex husband, saying he then went on to marry her best friend.  What do you think?  Is one equal to the other, or are they completely different versions of grief?  Let me know in the comments what you think about this fight.

We go from the brunch heard around the world to the dinner party for Carole that wasn’t.  Carole came in and commented straight away in her confessionals that the dinner party had nothing celebrating her completing the marathon.  Twitter went in on her for being ungrateful, saying for her to be glad she had a party, that they acknowledged her at all considering none of the women even showed up to the race at all.  We finally meet the infamous Dennis, the man Luann insinuated Bethenny was dating while he was still married, and she didn’t even put it together.  It went straight over her head until Bethenny pointed it out!  True Luann form, not noticing anything that didn’t affect her directly, even when it did.

Before all this happened, however, the girls discussed what happened at the infamous brunch, with Bethenny bringing it up first.  Dorinda had called Carole earlier, giving her version, so Bethenny wanted to hear Sonja’s version, then Ramona started in on her version, which was nothing at all like what really happened in a typical dinner party game of telephone.  Meanwhile, Dorinda is in the corner stirring Tinsley up (which she even admitted to stirring up the whole Tinsley vs. Sonja rivalry in her confessional) right before the group sat down to dinner.  Sonja started talking about her friend Rocco growing on her, and once again, Dorinda went off on her, saying there is no Rocco, she’s just making up the relationship in her head, etc.  Remember the part about Dorinda riling Tinsley up?  When Sonja starts talking about Rocco and Dorinda accuses her of lying, Tisnley goes off on Sonja, talking about how Sonja’s been lying about her all over town, saying Scott (her boyfriend) paid for her life, her hotel, the gift card Tinsley gave to Sonja at the infamous Thank you/ F U party at the end of the last season.  Tinsley must’ve teamed up with Dorinda because she ended her tirade with a line that left everyone shocked:  “Shut your mouth and shut your legs.”

The biggest shocker of the episode, however, is the p. o. s. text Sonja sends Ramona, who just learned what it meant btw.  Ramona read the text to Dorinda, (no conflict of interest there) and announces that Ramonja is no more.

What did you guys think of this episode?  What was the biggest takeaway for you?  For me, it was the breakup of the most iconic duo in housewives history.  Let me know what you guys thought of the episode.  Is there a difference in grief?  Is there a time limit on how long Sonja should be allowed to grieve?  Or do you think she should be over it by now and is milking that cow?

Leave me a comment and let’s discuss.