The 100 (S05E02) "Red Queen"

Episode 2 gave us the answers to our questions about What the hell happened at the bunker this past 6 years?
We say hello to a new side of Octavia and goodbye to a controversial character.

In the past season, Octavia won the conclave for the right to take the bunker and survive the radiation. But the younger Blake decided to let all the people in, grounders and sky people alike. She called it “Wonkrew”. Of course, the sky people wasnt very happy about it, now they have to share this new home with them, resulting in less food and less space.

We see Indra counseling Octavia into take the role as a leader, as the new Heda. Octavia made it clear that she is no leader and she cant be the new commander. Indra’s daughter Gaia thinks the same, remember she was studying to be a flamekeeper and believes only the “night bloods” can become commanders.
t100 3 - The 100 (S05E02) "Red Queen"
In the meantime, Jaha approaches her with Kara, a sky person who runs the farm, and informs that they will run out of food quickly, due to the fact that now there are more people than originally planned.

Abby is still bitter about Kane’s decision of saving her and keeping her away from Clarke, so those too are still complicated.
It turns out they heard someone “knocking” the bunker’s door, Abby was sure it was Clarke (yep, she was right). With Kane they attempted to open the gate, but remember the whole building collapsed so it’s impossible to open, at least for now.

Octavia takes command, and orders to take half ration of food in order to preserve the supplies. Sky people aren’t that happy about it, so Kara with a help of a few make a plan to lock themselves up inside the kitchen and the farm (smart move), even tho they left a few of their people outside, like Jaha, Octavia and the little Ethan among others.

The grounders go mad and start attacking the sky people who were left outside, so now is a total chaos.

Jaha finds a way to open the door. After dressing him up like a grounder to avoid being attacked, thanks Nylah btw. Octavia goes with Jaha to one of the floors to put in motion their plan. Indra, Gaia and Nylah distracts the rest of the grounders.

Gotta say, I’ve never been a Jaha’s fan, never liked his ideals and most of the time I disagreed with him. But when he is about to open the door she says to Octavia that first she needs to take care of the angry grounders, of course Octavia refuses at first.
In this scene Thelonious has redemption, he is injured and is dying, while he is connecting the wires to open the kitchen door, he explains Octavia that yes, they locked her up her entire life and floated her mother, but that was because she broke the law and pushed them closer to death. We can see Octavia’s recognition that being a leader means to take hard choices. Never thought I’d like to see a scene between those two characters, but in the end Thelonious gave a crucial lesson.

t100 2 - The 100 (S05E02) "Red Queen"
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The younger leader goes to the kitchen and orders to stand down “You are Wankru or you are the enemy of Wankru” she says. When the first grounder attacks her, Indra tries to intervine but Gaia stopped her saying that Octavia needs to do this, she needs to prove that she can be the leader they need. One by one the younger Blake takes down the attackers till they surrender. Once the door is opened she commands to only take the guilty and pardon the innocents.
When Abby and Kane are liberated, they go straight to Jaha only to hear his final breaths.
It always gives me chills when they recite the “May we meet again” farewell. Goodbye Thelonius.
t100 4 - The 100 (S05E02) "Red Queen"
Now is time to judge the guilty ones. What a better idea than to grant them the opportunity to fight for their freedom like the gladiators did in the ancient Rome. Why did you read those stories to little Octavia Bellamy?

Now in the present, this whole “gladiator” thing is still a deal, and it seems to keep the mass entertained.

And of course they needed to throw a big cliffhanger when we see, at the end, Kane entering the arena. WHAAT?

This season seems really promising!

Can’t wait for the next episode.