The Flash (S04E20) "Therefore She Is"

Guys, this episode is the episode we all have been waiting for, this is one of the episodes that I’m gonna love forever. Only because we finally understand the enlightenment and we had a back stabbing moment happen which I’ve always and I seriously mean always have been predicting that would happen and it finally did. And we finally have another clue in Mystery Girl’s (Jessica Parker Kennedy) identity. And I will also get into more details that I’ve found out about Mystery Girl as well. Lets get to this review!

Okay so this episode we had quite a lot happen, we had Cisco (Carlos Valdes) having to decide wither or not he was going to take the Breecher job on Earth-19 to be near Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) more often. But its clear throughout the whole episode that Cisco has made his decision, he just doesn’t know if Gypsy will feel the same way about his decision. I feel like that Gypsy would understand his decision, but I feel like they might’ve broken up at the same time which just sucks because we all wanted Cisco and Gypsy to have a life together even if it meant for Gypsy or Cisco to sacrifice their life on their earth to do so.

Devoe finally reveled that his enlightenment is a satellite device that will make everyone stupid, which I wasn’t expecting that because that just sounds like a stupid plan. Now if it was for lets say using the dark matter he stole from Harry (Tom Cavanagh) to create a ton more metas to create a meta army or something then that would be a great plan to go to war against Team Flash. But no instead Devoe has just a simple mind with just a simple plan who thinks hes more intelligent but I really think he’s not. I think Devoe (Neil Sandilands) is losing track of what his journal’s true goal really was to do for the enlightenment and it’s forcing him to become isolated from all who care about him.

Now I have to admit I knew Marlize/ The Mechanic (Kim Engelbrecht) would do a betrayal towards Devoe, cause the actress Kim Engelbrecht has done characters in the past that has done betrayals to people she loves. And thats exactly what happened in this episode which I was so happy to see, cause now I’m sure Marlize is going to be turning to Team Flash side to help Barry (Grant Gustin) to defeat Devoe. Lets hope she does help Team Flash, I know that they don’t trust her but she can bring major info and help to Team Flash, thats my belief.

Now Mystery Girl, there have been a lot of theories throughout the internet about who she really is. I personally and staying true to the two of my theories the first theory that I’ve had is that she is Dawn Allen the daughter of Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry. The thing is that yes Mystery Girl does have quite a lot of personality traits that make you think that she is a lot like Barry.

However my second theory is that Mystery Girl is Iris West II which would make her Wally’s (Keiynan Lonsdale) future daughter, and it would make sense to make Mystery Girl’s story even more interesting to reveal who Wally ends up loving in the future. But we do know that her powers are indeed speed with purple lightning just like how Iris had when she had Barry’s powers in the episode Run, Iris, Run. However from what we’ve learned today is that Mystery Girl’s true identity wont be revealed until Season 4’s Season Finale to open for Season 5’s super villain. Now will Mystery Girl be the super villain I doubt it, but I do think that next season’s super villain will be after her and she will be needing Team Flash’s help in order to defeat the new villain. And I’m also leaning towards more of Mystery Girl’s identity being Iris West II only because when we saw Mystery Girl in this episode she looked at Iris with such hate and anger in her eyes like she hated Iris with all her being. And just seeing that it made me even think what if Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Cecile’s (Danielle Nicolet) unborn child right now is in fact Mystery Girl, it would explain why she looked at Iris with such hate and anger because sibling rivalry. I guess we will have to find out when it comes to the Season Finale in 3 episodes.

Next Episode: The Flash(S04E21): “Harry and the Harrisons” airs Tuesday May 8, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW